Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Response to "True Islam" Concerning My "Ghetto Scholarship"


I've been warned not to dignify these brothers'
words with an answer; but in all fairness and
respect due to those affected by this topic,
I will state the following and nothing further
for the time being.

This is a subject that, at the present time and
under the present circumstances related to my
scheduling, I cannot undertake to elaborate
on at any length. Suffice it to say, NO ONE
is "ducking" you Dr.True Islam or Dr. Muhammad, and
your absurd tauntings to try to "egg on a fight"
to debate this issue, exposes your own infantile
"ghetto scholarship" mentality.

If you have something to say...just SAY IT; in
the same manner as those you accuse of being
"slave makers of the poor, who teach the poor
lies... the bloodsuckers of the poor". Take
your arguments to the people in your OWN forums
as they have done; state your case, post it on
YouTube, and let the people decide. This "debate"...
this "meet me after school in the parking lot"
confrontation you keep crying for...THAT'S
sensationalistic...THAT'S "ghetto scholarship"!
Now; briefly...

Speaking for myself; it is obvious from the contents
of your recent post that the range of your own "research
scholarship" has yet to plough the necessary depths
of analysis that has taken me to where I have mined
the bulk of my information. At THIS time however, I
don't intend to draw you any more "maps of proof"
other than those I've already briefly drawn in my
previous lectures.

True there are prevaricators attempting to under-
mine the orthodox superstructures of so-called
"black" history to achieve their own ends, but
there are those scholars in the east (like ourselves
here in the western Diaspora) who have found many
vital missing pieces of solid history (PARTICULARLY
'Dravidian'/Hindu scholars) showing the unmistakable
corollary between the ancient worship of SHIVA, and
worship-rituals and ceremonies now practiced as "Islam".

And HERE'S where any true investigation of the 'history'
of Islam should begin.

We already know of the suppressed historical data
concerning black antiquities right here in the Americas
that even pre-date Africa's and India's most ancient
legacies; antiquities not yet given their proper place
within the scholarship and annals of 'black' history.
So how does one presume to be so cock-sure about a
historical 'new-bee' like Mohammed, and the assumed
legacies of a "johnny-come-lately" religion called "Islam"?

And if you think to tell me that Mohammed's Islam was
responsible for "introducing" said ancient architecture,
ceremonies and rituals to the Shiva worshippers of the
Indus Valley through their 'jihads against infidels';
again, your "scholarship" needs a bit more time to
ripen on the vine.

In fact; you need to BEGIN your arguments by explaining
to everyone how it is that the so-called older "mosques"
attributed to the Muslim/Islamic "builders" of Mohammed’s
invasions, have recently been discovered by prominent
Dravidian archeologists to have the same distinct designs
and markings directly related to the ancient INDUS VALLEY
temple-builders and their explicit styles of architecture.
But you can't. Because these ancient "mosques" are in fact
the STOLEN temples of worship once built for, and dedicated
to SHIVA; temple architecture (rituals and ceremonies)
'jacked' by Mohammed's invaders, which existed as the
spiritual legacies of the Indus Valley civilizations for
EONS before what is now worshipped as the 3-headed beast
ever existed; Christianism, Judaism and Islamism.

Islamism, (or what is "practiced" AS Islam today through
Qu'ran/al-Qur’├ón; meaning "the recitation"), is in fact
a "johnny-come-lately" hodge-podge of "UNIVERSAL TRUTHS";
that is, fundamental philosophies based in the ancient
science of ASTRONOMY——but, like Christianism and
Judaism today, is practiced through its anthropomorphic
and profane twin "ASTROLATRY"——a dogmatized convolution
of our original sciences that mapped and decoded the
mathematical and photo-geometric Light-Code 'spectraglyphs'
of the sky, which they translated into the elaborately
woven cryptic prose and verses that became "scriptures"
about God's (the stars') overall relationship to Nature
and Man—taught to the world by our "black" ancestors
for a thousand millennia BEFORE an "Allah", or even the
language that created his name ever existed; high sciences
which, in the end, were twisted into a theo-political tool
conjured up to organize and control the peoples of that
region to serve the greed and avarice of the Papal
Emperors of Rome.

And no; "Vatican Assassins" and "comic books"(???!!) are
not the only sources where one searches to find Islam's
BLACK Augustinian origins ("Saint" Augustine was black)
to fit the missing pieces of this equation.

Again; the "true" historical proof that exposes the
myth of Islam being "inspired" teachings received by
Mohammed from "divine revelations in a cave", lay in
the evidence of the location of it's holiest temple,
the origins of its tenets, its rituals and its practices
as being blatant thefts and plaguarizations of virtually
ALL the ancient structures, rituals, ceremonies and
teachings of the black civilizations of the Indus Valley;
not to mention the rip-off of ancient Kem. The parts
played by the Vatican, and later the British monarchy
in fusing and interweaving their own secularized Judeo-Christian 'prophets' with Astrology, Kemetic and Hindu
philosophy, their rituals and tenets to create this new
"Muslim-mix", will be addressed when I decide to re-visit
this topic in public forum at a later date.

Strange thing though? With all your self-righteous
ranting about the newest information surfacing to
challenge the legitimacy of 'Islam' (and NOT just
the tenuous overview of a "Vatican Assassins" - a
Christian Crakkka with racist issues; or the occult
sigils use by Islam such as the star and crescent,
which is but another rip-off of our Kemetic symbolism),
you failed to dispute ANY of the information I
discussed showing in pictographic depth the DIRECT
relationship of a 'johnny-come-lately' "Islam" to
the nearly 3000 year-old worship of SHIVA; even to
the extent that Noble Drew Ali himself, along with
his personal secretary, secretly recognized this in
their gestures and dress.

Hmmmm. Maybe that's an issue you'll include at a later
time, when you get another chance to call me some more
unsavory names.

In closing; I'm QUITE sure I will be receiving a storm of
rebuttals to this brief notation on the subject; maybe
even to my character once again as an evasive "bloodsucker
to the poor" (LOL) who has no REAL "proof" of anything.
That's all well and good.

(Actually, it's all kind of amusing to me)

In the meantime Mr."Muhammad Muhammad" and Mr."True Islam"...;
lobbing invectives at me in order to sucker me into playing
your childish head games of intellectual "tit-for-tat", is
THE quintessential earmark of a "ghetto-scholar", and I
won't be a party to such nonsense. Your personal insults
do not impress me, nor do they inspire me to want to
treat this as anything more than the outbursts of spoiled,
self-centered pre-teens, un-deservedly demanding the
immediate attention of a busy parent.

When the appropriate time comes, I will again take up
this delicate issue and address it (hopefully) to the
full satisfaction of all concerned. And those of you
who doubt my reputation for following through with what

In the meantime; try to be a little more civil when
you address your elders. You should be ashamed of
yourselves. You should know better.

Again; this is my FIRST and LAST 'public comment'
on this issue as it stands (for now).

My honor, love and peace to ALL the Family.

Together to Light,

Dr. Valentine


Allah Universal said...

Peace Dr. Valentine...

I'm Allah Universal, of the 5% Nation. I'd first like to compliment you on your work. I've only been studying your work for a few months, & I respect you for the Light that you are shining on our people. I will be studying more as time progresses...

My reason for writing, is actually a disclaimer. While I represent the 5%, I'll strive to only speak for myself, as we are a Nation of free thinkers. I didn't know of the challenges presented to you by some who "claim" to be members of the 5% Nation. The names that you mentioned jumped out as ones who have distorted our teachings for whatever reasons. I'm not against them, for they are Brothers in Our Struggle who I've learned some things from, however I certainly do not agree with their teachings, or their methods.

For what it's worth, your name is respected in our Nation by those who have sincerely studied your teachings, for we teach that the best part of all teachigns should be preserved for self. The rest is not worht debating (as you have illustrated). The views & challenges of a few does not represent what we stand for as a whole. The egotism expressed toward you is the antithesis of what we advocate, and I hope that it doesn't lead you to confuse those Brothers' efforts to slander you with who the 5% really are.

Thanks for reading...I leave you in the Universal Greeting of Peace...Allah Universal, 5%

Djedi said...

Have you seen the comments left by folks on youtube? They are laughing at this "True Islam" guy. He is embarassing himself as he evidently is suffering from PMS- Prussian Miseducation System. Just goes to show that a Ph.D in the PMS is not even equal to a High school diploma in the underground. Just let him continue to embarass himself. Continue being the inspiration you are.

Dr. Phil Valentine said...

Thank you for your positive comment King. I truely appreciate your support. I am scheduled to speak again in NY sometime around the middle of June, and after completing part 2 of my Wounded Womb series in the first half of that lecture, I will begin a new series entitled "The Abrahamic Hydra", showing the correlation between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to Brahma (Judaism), Vishnu (Christianity) and Shiva (Islam) worship, and their origins first in the Indus Valley then Kemet in the second half.
Again; sincere appreciation for your continued support.

Djedi said...



Bigson said...

Hotep Dr. Valentine,

I have been following your lectures on youtube for the last few months and have been profoundly inspired. i live in the Northwest and would like to attend your lectures especially the "Abrahamic Hydra" please send me information my email is bigson@vzw.blackberry.net. Peace

Fatiha said...

Dr. Valentine, why aren't you telling the people that is was you who initiated the challenge to anyone who wanted to debate the history/origins of Islam on more than 1 occassion before you ever heard of a Wesley Muhammad?

Anonymous said...

It would be an honour to have you come to the UK at some point in your busy schedule to enlighten some of the brothers here.

Thank you for all your knowledge god

Dr. Valentine said...

It would be my pleasure.

Anonymous said...

If nobody's hating, then you aren't doing anything.

Anonymous said...

dr phill i have been trying to leav u a comment but it seems as if they are up to there old tricks again. keep up the good work , i have been following your teaching now for some time. very good and interesting work. 10/10. u have changed my life and i can see clearly now. can you tell me if u know what this so called black group < beulah > is all about. thank u . uk

Dr. Valentine said...

Thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, no...I have no knowledge of the group "Beulah".

kemetian said...

dear mr valentine, i am new to consciousness and your video on the vampires of consciousness and broken the spell of christianity. I am not a college educated person, i only hold a high school diploma to show my credentials. but i want to thank you so much for helping me. What i have noticed since i have come into consciousness and that just like the christian brothers, just like the hebrew brothas, there is too much fighting and debating, and its confusing me. If we are leaving the white man system of faith shouldnt we all be getting along. I just think you should not get into the saa neter money making schemes, but you are the only one qualified to knock this fake muslim doctor off his knees, much love from all the people in the projects who are coming to the darkness(not light)hotep

Dr. Valentine said...

To you and all the brothers and sisters in the PJs (MY ole' stomping grounds), thank you for tuning in to our frequency. Stay strong...much love.

johndoe said...

Dr valentine the fact that you are saying that there is a similarity
between the religions of islam and shiva doesnt change anything to the
fact that following the way of life on that book will protect you agaisnt
a lot of the problem that goes on in the world today such as capitalism..
woman no knowing how to play they roles.Humanin made ilness etc. You said
that the first book were written out of what our ancestor seen in the star
and wrote in the book i do believe you that it happened.. If you read the
quoran ther is a part in it that says that god allows certain people to
read his message trough the star..It doesnt matter if some of these
teaching have been partly inspired by other tradition or culture.. maybe
that was the way for it to be conserve up until todays time.. For exemple
if the asians did not steel the information on the martial art from the
ancinet africn that use o occupied the land. it probably woul not have
existed today... If the arabs did not took a lot of the info from their
tradition from ancient africa a lot of our history would not have been
conserved.. maybe it was just all gods plan to have other culture
borrowing the info from other culture.. The torah.. the bible and the
Quoran is all the same book. just 3 different part.. Sort of like the
godfather 1, 2 and 3 is the same movie. None of these book contradicts
eachother . The only thing is that the quoran is the last part and has the
advantage of having the arab original version available to all so that
anybody that has doubt on a tranlation can go back to the arb version and
come to his own conclusion unlike the bible where the original hebrew
version is no where to be found only translated version from other
translated ones..For exemple i once read a part on the (englis version )
quopran that said not to hang around with cristians and off the bat it
didnt sound right to me that the creator would say such thing so ui went
back to the original arabic quoran and found out that was was said was not
to hang around cristian that dont share the sse faith and principles.Like
i said there all the sam book man is what constantly trying to make it
look like there are different religion but really they about a universal
way of life with different rituals depending on the culture that wrote it
down. I am the same man that spoke to you yesterday from canada DR phil as
i told you go read the book islam the misunderstood religion muhammad qutb
and dont worry bout the title or come to a conclusion according o it..

johndoe said...

Here are som of the chapters : 1. Preface
2. Is Religion Antiquated?
3. Islam and Slavery
4. Islam and Feudalism
5. Islam and Capitalism
6. Islam and Private Ownership
7. Islam and The Class System
8. Islam and Alms
9. Islam and Woman
10. Islam and The Concept of Punishment
11. Islam and Civilization
12. Islam and Reactionarism
13. Islam and Sexual Repression
14. Islam and Freedom of Thought
15. Religion: The Opium of the People?
16. Islam and Non-Muslim! Communities
17. Islam and Idealism
18. Islam and Communism

Now i know your worying about if its say allah or.. jehova .. or whatever
name is use to represent the creator in these book but that is something
not even worth to wory aboutit all means the same thing in somebody s own
language. Those book were written in ordeer to proteck the regular
worshipper afainst all the things that u describe in ur metaphisic classes
without having the knowledge of how it does so.. only a man of knowledge
and wison will understand how doing certain thing they say proteck you
against capitalism.. man made disease , lust, the unseen world , opression
but u need the knowledge to really understand it . A lot of thing are mess
up righ now because those who preach it have no wisdom. They can teach you
how to calculate an algebra equation but not how it got there. The algebra
eqation beein the way of life though in these books.. On our first
conversation you told me i was lock in a box but you where wrong.. Before
i was so convince of what iam saying i read a lot about black history,
Politic, Wars, financing, And watch a lot of metaphics session a lot of
them being from you on u tube.. And i connected the doth that once i
stated to read more about islam and the bible.. as i said before those
book are more about a way of life to follow then anything else.I dont even
know if u realise that most of the metaphisic classes you describe is
pretty much a scientic description of what is in those book.. Thats when i
was even more convince its after watching you and reading those books that
i connected the dots together and only then i realise that what they were
saying is the truth.. Wheter or not some cultural or principal of those
where borrough fom different culture is irelevant because that how things
survives.. Akenaton was praticing moneism thousand of years before any of
the profets came out does that make it a bad thing that some of his
principle where studied and applied for a later generation no it does not.
Wheter you know it or not Dr phil you are breaking down all 3 of these
books in a scientific ways. I Believe you already know that..
What does believing in god has to do with the rising prise on the rice in
china.. everything that goes on in the world has to do with him.. those
with him or those against him... Every single thing

planetTrav said...

I am so honored just to greet you and show my appreciation for all the work I seen you do. I have 1 yr old documentaries of that I things that you've laid out. Recently, I've looked in to the local Moorish American community here in Canada. I must say that your response here is a breath of fresh air to some degree! That is mainly because, although I/we are interested in maintaining our sovereignty, it seems as if the Shiek is engaging in similar activities that you describe of the brothers you're addressing. For instance, the Shiek refers to anyone who doesn't 'immediately' get/accept the "Moorish/Islam/Moabite" concept in derogatory fashion. Of course this is not to their face. I have to say that I too did succumb to some of his tactics, but that was before I knew how offending his comments could be. I am extremely open to wisdom and helping to do my part to free myself, my youths and anyone else I can from the clutched of the beast, but the task seems tedious to do alone, especially when raising loved ones. With that said, all I can say to you is thank you for your on-point, direct, honorable, respectable, & vital work. I know you would like to be doing something else, but we need you! Much Love!

Dr. Valentine said...


Thank you for your kind and generous sentiments beloved. Sometimes our teachers come in the forms of belligerent task-masters. But we should quietly extract whatever knowledge we can from them, and eventually move on. This is the path you've chosen to this point, and you have the power to change directions at any time. If your heart is true, it will always lead you unerringly in the right direction.

Shm m Hotep.
Walk in Light...
Dr. Valentine

Aja said...

Shm Htp Dr. Valentine,
First off, infinite thanks for the knowledge you're bringing to your people! May the Creator/ancestors continue to guide you! In a comment above, you stated that you will be lecturing in NY in June sometime, and I was wondering how I could get more information about the lecture. If time permits, could you/someone who has the information send it to me via email: ajagilliam@gmail.com, thanks in advance, peace.

Yochanna said...

I am truly inspired by all your u tube videos..I am from the deep south would be great if you could educated people in this area of the world ..they are clueless as to what christianity is or its true orgins..

Dr. Valentine said...

@Yochanna; I'm also in the 'deep south' now. I re-located to Florida and I'll be doing 2 major lectures in Nashville Tennessee this coming October 9th and 10th. Call 615.742.9969 or 615.474.7898 if you wish further info.

@Aja; The June date for NY fell through and the new date has been tentatively set at December 5th. If you're tuned in to the Underground Metaphysical Community you should get the final word.
Thanks. Hotep...

Harun Talib said...

Greetings Dr.Valentine. I come desperately seeking your advice. Today is the first time I've seen your lectures on you tube. I will give you the short version of my story. I believe I have been programmed from an early age as I was born in a strict Roman Catholic family. I have always had this yearning to be closer to the "Creator".Eventually I began seeing the reality of the Catholic faith and Christianity as a whole. I stopped attending church etc but I created a void. My life is riddled with guilt and accountability for wrong doings (sins). I have also been a keen supporter of black consciousness. I read up on so many different faiths seeking the truth, readind countless literature from the book of the dead to the bhagvad gita. I embraced mainstream Islam a year ago at a time when I was totally vulnerable. Before that I was attending Nation of Islam lectures. Now my mind is riddled with doubts and discontent. I keep trying to convince myself that Islam is a way of life or a spiritual exercise but Im beginning to doubt that. How can I break free of this emotional and mental prison?

Dr. Valentine said...

Hotep Harun;

It is an extremely difficult thing to break free of a mental program that has been psycho-spiritually entrenched since childhood. And I don't mean the one dealing with either Catholicism or Islam, but the one dealing with your indoctrinated "vicarious experience of God." Your current feelings are not based on any lack of the Creator's presence within you, but on a form of artificially entrained dependence on and addiction to a pathogenic IDEA of divinity I call "Theo-psychosis". Every part of your being down to its cellular/molecular/atomic infrastructure has been aggressively conditioned to perceive God through the lens of the 'Abrahamic/Saturnian'- worshiping priesthoods who identify their Saturn-worshiping cults as "Judaism", Christianity" and "Islam".

This feeling of 'uneasiness' and confusion is your "withdrawal/detoxification" process, and believe it or not...it's a GOOD thing! The secret to weathering this transition however, is to observe your propensity to "judge" yourself during this process, because ALL of what you are feeling at this moment is based on your previously programmed perception of self...HOW you are judging the self, and how you BELIEVE the "Abrahamic" Creator will "judge" you as a result. It is all based in FEAR... (F)alse (E)vidence (A)ppearing (R)eal!!

You should seriously consider enrolling in our Meta-Psychology Courses here at the University of Kemetian Sciences. Our classes will give you a profound perspective of the inner mysteries of Life and the divine Omniscient Universal Intelligence we define as "God". Just log on to http://www.kemetaphysics.org and click the "courses" button. When you're ready, you can contact us directly by calling 386.456.9279

Stay strong beloved. Forward to light and beyond...

WethePeople said...

Dr. Valentine -
After reading through some of these comments I'm really upset that you lectured near me recently and I had no knowledge of it. I'm in Huntsville, Al and will soon be moving back to Nashville, TN - I so desire to meet you in person. I've been following you on youtube for about 1 year and I've turned so many brothers and sisters on to your incredible knowledge of world history and your exhausting labor of love to disseminate truth to our people. You have the love and admiration of many. Will you please place me on your email list so that I can follow your lecture circuit. My email address is cathyedwards@financial-destination.ws - I do have one item of interest that I'd like for you to comment on. The recent admission of college professors at a Press Conference held by The National Geographic that they have participated in the fakery of the history of Ancient Greeks. You can find the article at: www.nextgenupdate.com/.../223413-historians-admit-inventing-ancient-greeks-must-read.html
Of course, this did not make it to the mainstream. I'm in the very eary stages of planning a symposium to bring several metaphysicians of different disciplines together and I'd love to extend an invitation to you to be a lecturer and panelist. Please respond to my email address if you're interested - this symposium is tentatively scheduled for October 2011.

WethePeople said...

Dr Valentine -
I'm sorry if the previous link did not bring up the article I was referring to. You can find it at this link:
Historians Admit to Inventing Ancient Greeks!!!

It was a bit of funny coincidence - my nickname is "Kitty"
Please email me at cathyedwards@financial-destination.ws or call 1-877-714-1233 Option 2. Thanks!

Dr. Valentine said...


Thank you for your kind and generous sentiments. They are greatly valued and appreciated.

If you wish to join our e-family, the quickest and easiest way is to log on to our University website at http://www.kemetaphysics.org and add your address to our mailing list in the space provided on our home page. My queen sends out periodic updates of our activities in e-blasts via Constant Contact. I'll be in Baltimore on the 30th of this month, and NY the 5th of December.

If you would like for me to participate in an event next year, it may be best that you communicate with me from now on via my private e-address at sunnu@templehealing.com. Please put "For Dr. Valentine - From Catherine" in the subject box. I will then e-mail you my standard lecture/seminar performance contract and Bio. And thank you for your kind invitation. Looking forward...

Dr. Valentine

WethePeople said...

Thanks so much Dr. Valentine - I have sent an email to the email address you provided and I await your response. Also, do you know anything about this National Geographic Society Press Conference and these Historians admitting to faking the History of Ancient Greeks? I'm really wanting to know if this actually occurred or not.

Anonymous said...

Hotep brother valentine. I want to let you known i appriciate your incarnation in this due time at hand. I also thank you very much and many times over for the wisdom you bestowed upon me and the family, by the inspiring intellectual light you shine. Dr. phil we the neteru respect your cause. Hotep.

Anonymous said...

Almost every religion began with someone having a close encounter. Yes the 3 headed beast too because Moses saw the burning bush. However when I happened to mention that I had such an encounter to a doctor at the hospital, he proclaimed that I was psychotic and I had to undergo a consultation to demonstrate my sanity, no worries though as 300 years ago I would have been burnt.

Anonymous said...

Here's another theory: The similarities between Islam and the religious systems of ancient India and Africa is not evidence of plagiarism but that these other systems are remnants of a single prophetic tradition that espoused the unity of The Creator and how this is reflected in the unity of creation. As the Quran says there has been raised a Prophet up in every nation and people. Therefore the fact that other religious systems bear similarities to Islam are verification of what is in its book. The reality that will sooner or later be recognized is that Islam is the last manifestation of African spirituality.

mandingojulius said...

As I posted on my Twitter page "mandingojulius". I have reached my last TEACHER in Dr. Phil Valentine. Keep teaching Dr. Valentine I am watching.

Anonymous said...