Monday, January 19, 2009

To all of our Beloved Bloggers, 2009

To the Brothers and Sisters who contributed to our blogsite:

Humble apologies for not having answered everyone sooner. It's been somewhat hectic with the University, clients and lecturing. I've also been somewhat delinquent in updating my articles as well. I've received some supportive as well as not-so-flattering commentary that I was tempted to answer immediately, but my higher reasoning dissuaded me to stay the course I was on to its completion.

There are some answers I can render quickly, like the question concerning Atlantis. There are many interesting works on the subject, but I would recommend starting with the works of Albert Churchward. He has some old book references in his work about the continent of Mu. Another author to research is David Childress and his works on ancient technologies.

Then of course there are those bloggers who require extra time to address, like the brother disputing my article on the sordid history of Roman Christianity. In his case, I'd have to devote precious time to a subject that, if the brother did his due diligence, would save me a whole lot of redundant inking to prove a point.

I've gone over this subject of Constantine (the FIRST that is - Flavius Valerius Constantinus [306–337]) as the first Holy Roman Emperor so many times - his murder of his wife, brother-in-law and mother - that frankly, I'm bored with the subject. I would suggest to this particular brother that he view my tapes entitled "Vampires of Consciousness" and "Metaphysics of the Bible". It may not answer all his questions, but it would be a hell of a start.

To blogger Kizziah Wilson, and others interested in our University; it would be best that you call us directly at 386.456.9279

To all of the beloved bloggers...once again...thank you ever so much for your kind support and participation. I will strive to be a bit more diligent in responding to your posts.

Yours in Quest of the Light

Dr. Valentine