Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To Sister "Fatiha"

Either you have mis-remembered, mis-heard, or mis-interpreted my words good Sister. I have stated, and will continue to state, that I challenge anyone to REFUTE what I have presented about Islam. They could do so in their OWN forums, just as I did. I have also stated that I would only debate MY PEERS! Dr. Wesley Muhammad and Dr. Ali Muhammad are "faith-ists" who will argue their BELIEFS in Islam, and not the evidence I have presented. For example, to this day, with all their rantings about my "Ghetto Scholarship", neither one has yet to address my point by point exposition where I historically, technically and visually showed Islam's direct plagiarism and rip-off of the ancient religion of Shiva. My sista, when the time comes, IF I feel like diverting my precious time to give credibility to men who wish to continue to promote alien, antiquated, mind-controlling, dogmatic, mind-traps like the 3 purveyors of "Theo-psychotic" behaviorisms around the world (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), I will. But to tell you the truth, if you do your OWN research on Youtube, you will find at least a half dozen brothers have already done that job for me.
My point here is...that religion is the creation of MAN! As such, it is INFECTED with, and subject to, the whim and the basest psychological interpretations of MAN. God creates Man, then Man begets God - through CONCEPTS called RELIGION! All of them perpetrate the same mind control formulas through the suppression and persecution of higher spiritual evolutionary consciousness.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

From Dr. Valentine

Dua Djeti;
It's a good support reference for the
lecture I did on the subject.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Brother Allah Universal

A most gracious thanks for your kind and re-assuring words. I know such brothers as they do not represent the vast majority of your Nation's family.

As I made mention to the brother, this subject is a very sensitive one to us as Diasporic Africans here in Amexum. I also made mention in my latest lecture that I literally held on to this information for a period of 7 years, waiting for the most appropriate time to present it to a more mature, conscious and open-minded people.

But I overstood as well that there would be strong, adverse reactions to such a presentment, and I've been thoroughly prepared to answer all criticisms calmly and reasonably for some time. I also knew that such information HAD to be siphoned out in "portions"; that it would be a "bit much" for some brothers and sisters to process.

My father (PBUH) once told me that "...the truth cuts; but sometimes it takes a while before you bleed". In other words, these brothers know they've been cut by the truth. They're reacting to the wounds inflicted on their ignorance. But they don't KNOW they're ignorant; not until that ignorance begins to bleed out and they see it for themselves.

In the meantime, their "faith" in their dogma temporarily anesthesizes the wounds that truth inflicts, delaying the bleed-out and allowing their ignorance to linger. The good thing is...with time, the "anesthesia" wears off.

Thus, the wise simply wait.

Again little brother; thank you for reaching out. Stay strong and in the Light of Wisdom, Reason and Truth...

Response to "True Islam" Concerning My "Ghetto Scholarship"


I've been warned not to dignify these brothers'
words with an answer; but in all fairness and
respect due to those affected by this topic,
I will state the following and nothing further
for the time being.

This is a subject that, at the present time and
under the present circumstances related to my
scheduling, I cannot undertake to elaborate
on at any length. Suffice it to say, NO ONE
is "ducking" you Dr.True Islam or Dr. Muhammad, and
your absurd tauntings to try to "egg on a fight"
to debate this issue, exposes your own infantile
"ghetto scholarship" mentality.

If you have something to say...just SAY IT; in
the same manner as those you accuse of being
"slave makers of the poor, who teach the poor
lies... the bloodsuckers of the poor". Take
your arguments to the people in your OWN forums
as they have done; state your case, post it on
YouTube, and let the people decide. This "debate"...
this "meet me after school in the parking lot"
confrontation you keep crying for...THAT'S
sensationalistic...THAT'S "ghetto scholarship"!
Now; briefly...

Speaking for myself; it is obvious from the contents
of your recent post that the range of your own "research
scholarship" has yet to plough the necessary depths
of analysis that has taken me to where I have mined
the bulk of my information. At THIS time however, I
don't intend to draw you any more "maps of proof"
other than those I've already briefly drawn in my
previous lectures.

True there are prevaricators attempting to under-
mine the orthodox superstructures of so-called
"black" history to achieve their own ends, but
there are those scholars in the east (like ourselves
here in the western Diaspora) who have found many
vital missing pieces of solid history (PARTICULARLY
'Dravidian'/Hindu scholars) showing the unmistakable
corollary between the ancient worship of SHIVA, and
worship-rituals and ceremonies now practiced as "Islam".

And HERE'S where any true investigation of the 'history'
of Islam should begin.

We already know of the suppressed historical data
concerning black antiquities right here in the Americas
that even pre-date Africa's and India's most ancient
legacies; antiquities not yet given their proper place
within the scholarship and annals of 'black' history.
So how does one presume to be so cock-sure about a
historical 'new-bee' like Mohammed, and the assumed
legacies of a "johnny-come-lately" religion called "Islam"?

And if you think to tell me that Mohammed's Islam was
responsible for "introducing" said ancient architecture,
ceremonies and rituals to the Shiva worshippers of the
Indus Valley through their 'jihads against infidels';
again, your "scholarship" needs a bit more time to
ripen on the vine.

In fact; you need to BEGIN your arguments by explaining
to everyone how it is that the so-called older "mosques"
attributed to the Muslim/Islamic "builders" of Mohammed’s
invasions, have recently been discovered by prominent
Dravidian archeologists to have the same distinct designs
and markings directly related to the ancient INDUS VALLEY
temple-builders and their explicit styles of architecture.
But you can't. Because these ancient "mosques" are in fact
the STOLEN temples of worship once built for, and dedicated
to SHIVA; temple architecture (rituals and ceremonies)
'jacked' by Mohammed's invaders, which existed as the
spiritual legacies of the Indus Valley civilizations for
EONS before what is now worshipped as the 3-headed beast
ever existed; Christianism, Judaism and Islamism.

Islamism, (or what is "practiced" AS Islam today through
Qu'ran/al-Qur’├ón; meaning "the recitation"), is in fact
a "johnny-come-lately" hodge-podge of "UNIVERSAL TRUTHS";
that is, fundamental philosophies based in the ancient
science of ASTRONOMY——but, like Christianism and
Judaism today, is practiced through its anthropomorphic
and profane twin "ASTROLATRY"——a dogmatized convolution
of our original sciences that mapped and decoded the
mathematical and photo-geometric Light-Code 'spectraglyphs'
of the sky, which they translated into the elaborately
woven cryptic prose and verses that became "scriptures"
about God's (the stars') overall relationship to Nature
and Man—taught to the world by our "black" ancestors
for a thousand millennia BEFORE an "Allah", or even the
language that created his name ever existed; high sciences
which, in the end, were twisted into a theo-political tool
conjured up to organize and control the peoples of that
region to serve the greed and avarice of the Papal
Emperors of Rome.

And no; "Vatican Assassins" and "comic books"(???!!) are
not the only sources where one searches to find Islam's
BLACK Augustinian origins ("Saint" Augustine was black)
to fit the missing pieces of this equation.

Again; the "true" historical proof that exposes the
myth of Islam being "inspired" teachings received by
Mohammed from "divine revelations in a cave", lay in
the evidence of the location of it's holiest temple,
the origins of its tenets, its rituals and its practices
as being blatant thefts and plaguarizations of virtually
ALL the ancient structures, rituals, ceremonies and
teachings of the black civilizations of the Indus Valley;
not to mention the rip-off of ancient Kem. The parts
played by the Vatican, and later the British monarchy
in fusing and interweaving their own secularized Judeo-Christian 'prophets' with Astrology, Kemetic and Hindu
philosophy, their rituals and tenets to create this new
"Muslim-mix", will be addressed when I decide to re-visit
this topic in public forum at a later date.

Strange thing though? With all your self-righteous
ranting about the newest information surfacing to
challenge the legitimacy of 'Islam' (and NOT just
the tenuous overview of a "Vatican Assassins" - a
Christian Crakkka with racist issues; or the occult
sigils use by Islam such as the star and crescent,
which is but another rip-off of our Kemetic symbolism),
you failed to dispute ANY of the information I
discussed showing in pictographic depth the DIRECT
relationship of a 'johnny-come-lately' "Islam" to
the nearly 3000 year-old worship of SHIVA; even to
the extent that Noble Drew Ali himself, along with
his personal secretary, secretly recognized this in
their gestures and dress.

Hmmmm. Maybe that's an issue you'll include at a later
time, when you get another chance to call me some more
unsavory names.

In closing; I'm QUITE sure I will be receiving a storm of
rebuttals to this brief notation on the subject; maybe
even to my character once again as an evasive "bloodsucker
to the poor" (LOL) who has no REAL "proof" of anything.
That's all well and good.

(Actually, it's all kind of amusing to me)

In the meantime Mr."Muhammad Muhammad" and Mr."True Islam"...;
lobbing invectives at me in order to sucker me into playing
your childish head games of intellectual "tit-for-tat", is
THE quintessential earmark of a "ghetto-scholar", and I
won't be a party to such nonsense. Your personal insults
do not impress me, nor do they inspire me to want to
treat this as anything more than the outbursts of spoiled,
self-centered pre-teens, un-deservedly demanding the
immediate attention of a busy parent.

When the appropriate time comes, I will again take up
this delicate issue and address it (hopefully) to the
full satisfaction of all concerned. And those of you
who doubt my reputation for following through with what

In the meantime; try to be a little more civil when
you address your elders. You should be ashamed of
yourselves. You should know better.

Again; this is my FIRST and LAST 'public comment'
on this issue as it stands (for now).

My honor, love and peace to ALL the Family.

Together to Light,

Dr. Valentine

Monday, January 19, 2009

To all of our Beloved Bloggers, 2009

To the Brothers and Sisters who contributed to our blogsite:

Humble apologies for not having answered everyone sooner. It's been somewhat hectic with the University, clients and lecturing. I've also been somewhat delinquent in updating my articles as well. I've received some supportive as well as not-so-flattering commentary that I was tempted to answer immediately, but my higher reasoning dissuaded me to stay the course I was on to its completion.

There are some answers I can render quickly, like the question concerning Atlantis. There are many interesting works on the subject, but I would recommend starting with the works of Albert Churchward. He has some old book references in his work about the continent of Mu. Another author to research is David Childress and his works on ancient technologies.

Then of course there are those bloggers who require extra time to address, like the brother disputing my article on the sordid history of Roman Christianity. In his case, I'd have to devote precious time to a subject that, if the brother did his due diligence, would save me a whole lot of redundant inking to prove a point.

I've gone over this subject of Constantine (the FIRST that is - Flavius Valerius Constantinus [306–337]) as the first Holy Roman Emperor so many times - his murder of his wife, brother-in-law and mother - that frankly, I'm bored with the subject. I would suggest to this particular brother that he view my tapes entitled "Vampires of Consciousness" and "Metaphysics of the Bible". It may not answer all his questions, but it would be a hell of a start.

To blogger Kizziah Wilson, and others interested in our University; it would be best that you call us directly at 386.456.9279

To all of the beloved bloggers...once again...thank you ever so much for your kind support and participation. I will strive to be a bit more diligent in responding to your posts.

Yours in Quest of the Light

Dr. Valentine