Friday, January 18, 2008



Hotep Beloved Family;

Sorry to burst the bubble on this one ("Obama and Oprah-Proof it Doesn't Take a Village"), but Obama DID get permission to run; only (you're right) it wasn't from the "civil rights guard." It was from the Tri-Lateral Commission, the CFR and The Bildeberger Group, who incidentally pick and choose who gets to dance in this political freak-show sometimes 10 to 20 years in advance!

And Oprah? Let's be real family. What the hell is all the excitement around this new Oprah network? What makes anyone in their right mind today think that Oprah is free to make her own 'choices', even though she now "owns" a TV network. Have IQs suddenly dropped in the 'black intellectual' community? Have we all suddenly forgotten what Bob 'sambo' Johnson did with HIS network BET?

I've heard that us-folk got short memories, but...DAMN!!

Family; Oprah's 'notwork' will be a sardonic temple to white Amazonian feminism, with the stereotypically round, black-faced 'Beulah' fronting it to give whites a sense of nostalgic southern comfort that the field-niggers are in check and all is right on the global plantation.

I guarantee that this 'nutwork' will be sponsored by every drug-pushing, genocide-backing, parasitic, low-life, product-pushing corporation of the New World Odor. And 'Harpo' will say just enough to please clueless blacks, but not enough to anger (or frighten) her employer-whites.

And isn't it perversely symbolic as well beloved family, that Oprah should call her company by the reverse of her name ...'HARPO'?! Here you have THE most popular "TALK" showhost OF ALL TIME naming her company after a hollywood character that NEVER SAID S#*T!! To me, there's a twisted irony to this because it's the quintessential "f@#k you" to black America's trust in "media-appointed black leaders" once again, because she was telling us on the down-low from jump exactly what she intended to 'say' and do for black people with her fame...NOTHING!


Family; ANYONE purporting to be SERIOUS contenders for the office of the presidency must first pass 'THE BLOOD TEST'— that is, they must be related in some way to the white ruling hierarchy of the aristocracies of Europe; and; (2) they must be initiated into, and/or have served in some way to maintain the super-structures and forward the agendas of the white supremist New World Order.

Sadly, Obama qualifies on both counts!

For the past few months (when electricity permitted) I've been reading posts written by erudite brothers and sisters giving their slant on this Orwellian dog and pony show called the 'presidential election.' Just recently one of my students asked me to elaborate onwhat I said many months ago about Obama and his intimate ties to the New World Odor. I've been somewhat reluctant because I know what "the IDEA" of an Obama has meant forthe morale of our collective diasporic family. I felt this every time I read the letters of those who TRULY BELIEVE that what they see and hear in the news or on staged "debates" is real, and not just theatre-by-politics.

But when queen-sista "Yalanda quickbuzz" sent out the post on Oprah and Obama, I decided to give the family a slight peek behind the scenes at the "Obama-drama nutwork."(ODN) It's fairly old material, but since I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the posts on Obama by the family thus far, maybe it will give some insight and stir SOME interest.

Here are some of the relevant 'tid-bits' that we clue-less, star-gazing' glad-to-see-a-black -face-doin'-ANYthing-in-America diasporic Africans know little to zilch about Barak Obama. My father always told me that if you truly wanted to know a man, listen closely to what his ENEMIES have to say about him, then weigh it all in the balance.


-His mother is a JEWISH cousin of vice-president Dick Cheney's wife Lynne Cheney... (old news right?)

But did you know that...

-His birth certificate was curiously sequestered in a high security safety-deposit box in Hawaii, presumably to hide this fact. You see, under the Laws of Halacha and the Siniatic Code (as annotated in the Talmud and represented in Deuteronomy chapter 7 of the Bible), the Doctrine of Matrilineal Descent states that the bloodline of Jewish ancestry is passed on through THE MOTHER! Ergo; if the above facts are true, then technically speaking, Barak Obama is a 'Halachic Jew'...

-His campaign has amassed a 21 million dollar slush fund. This money is tied to Texas Tejas Security, a MAJOR BACKER OF THE BUSH FAMILY! Obama is also hooked up with the Washington based Chicago law firm of Skadden Arps, as well as backed by the Chicago Mercantile and Board of Options, along with the British Company Benex, a corporation shown to have ties with the Russian mafia—all companies who funded the rise of the Neo-Con political apparatus. He's also connected to the now bankrupt energy company Gazprom, an Israeli (Mossad) operation. Thus, it appears that both Obama and Hillary are funded (on the down-low) by right wing factions of the REPUBLICAN PARTY!! ...

-Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards ALL supported and voted for THE PATRIOT ACT...

-Barak Obama is a fervent supporter of the fascist state of Israel
(sentimental maternal family ties?)...

-Both he and his father Hussein Onyago Obama worked for British Intelligence. His father was the 'bagman' for the Kenyatta government's put-down of Somali rebels (or Shiftas) in 1964, with the campaign coordinated in the field from behind the scenes by British Military advisors...

-Obama's major fundraiser is Louis B. Susman, a known Zionist and Vice-President of CITI Group. Susman had been fined on ten occasions for illegal money laundering and arms trafficking using his Global Hedge Fund. He was formerly the campaign chief for John Kerry, Bush's mentor into Skull and Bones. Another Obama Fundraiser is Chicago businessman and CIA operative Henry Crown ...

-Obama is connected to current Democratic Illinois Representative Hugo Jones. It was Jones, along with Obama fund-raiser Susman, who were alleged to have helped bribe prominant Black politicians in Illinois during the 2000 Presidential election, to suppress and/or limit the African American votes in Cook County and East St. Louis Illinois. Obama then got a kick back in campaign contributions from Susman's connections at the Sara Lee Corporation for 'looking the other way'...

-Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are both linked to a now popular Dutch company with the initials "ING". In fact, New York's own Eliot Spitzer (known Mossad agent), just helped cover up a massive scandal involving money laundering and campaign contributions being directed to both Hillary and Obama through this corporation...

-The so-called "story of his life" was conveniently written and published just before he was brought unto the world stage, where as a FRESHMAN senator he became fast-tracked as the KEYNOTE speaker at the Democratic National Convention; a warm-up debut staged by the CFR, Tri-Lateralists and Bildebergers to "legitimize" him in the eyes of white America for his current and 'surprising' run at the presidency...

-And finally; here's something else for the family to think about...


-SHERMAN SKOLNICK, a Chicago native and underground political reporter famous for dogging the tails of corrupt judges, politicians, senators, corporations, banks and the entire upper echelon of the American Aristocracy...
-one of the first reporters to courageously state (with Steve Cokely) that Mayor Harold Washington was murdered, and that the Chicago 7 trial was orchestrated by the CIA to justify increased governmental repression...
-the one who "outed" messy Jessie and his scheme to extort money from poor blacks at a housing project in Chicago...
-the one who broke the news of Dubya's homosexual relationships, especially with Knoxville Tennessee mayor Victor Ashe during his investigation of a world-wide pedophile/homosexual underground network that led right to the White House; all of which were covered in his serial articles entitled "Overthrow of the American Republic" (Part 24); a story so damaging that when a book entitled "The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty" by Kitty Kelley was published proving the claim, and members of congress began investigating in the fall of 2005, Ashe suddenly RESIGNS as mayor of Knoxville, and just as suddenly gets appointed by Bush as the U.S EMBASSADOR TO POLAND??!! ...
-and the same reporter who, just before Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention and his announcement to consider running for the office of the presidency, 'outed' him and his father's intimate connections with the SIS - British Secret Intelligence Service...suddenly DIES!!!

...isn't the timing juuust a bit curious?

Now I'm not sure what the family will make of the information related above, but one things for certain — it bears at least minimal consideration.

And I can just about predict what the nay-saying faithful will cynically conclude...those who follow the creed of Evilene's "Don't you bring me no bad News"; those 'conspiracy de-bunkers' and dyed-in-the-wool believers in the "democratic process" who'll pick this apart as "unsubstantiated rumors" put out by 'haters' and racists.

But NONE of the above information has ever been refuted or denied.In fact, it's been kept so far off the radar screens of the muck-raking sensationalist media, ya' gotta suspect that SOMEBODY with no less powers than the Prince o' Darkness himself is covering his ass BIG time.

If the family has a hard time believing this, just Google "Project Mockingbird CIA" and see what you find.

All in all I guess that no matter what you show to the public, folks are gonna believe whatever they want regardless. And therein lies the problem...too much blind faith-believin', not enough whole-brain critical thinkin'.

Just a thought family.

Forward in Light,

Bro. Valentine

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Worship of the Black Christ

Hotep Beloved Family;

I received the following post and thought it
was interesting enough to kick-start our 'blogger groove.'

My response follows.

Brother Valentine

The Black Nazarene Procession
Thousands Flock to Touch Holy Statue
Wednesday, January 9, 2008

(AsiaNews) – More than 80,000 people celebrated
today the Black Nazarene, a black statue depicting Jesus bearing the cross
to Calvary that is carried in a traditional procession in the streets of central
Manila. For local worshippers the statue works miracles.

About 700 police secured the roads that led to the procession route, concerned
that the event might be used for attacks against the statue, even symbolic ones.
In reality what was carried was only a replica of the four-century- old icon which
is instead kept in a church in Quiapo. The archbishop of Manila, Card Gaudencio
Rosales, who led a dawn Mass, said that the original statue represents every
Catholic’s desire to take up “one’s crosses and trials in life in imitation of Christ.”

Angela Ceralvo, a 29-year-old homemaker, said that her devotion to the Black
Nazarene grew thanks to her mother. Peter Tanlayko, 35, was also raised with
the ritual. Like his father and grandfather he walked barefoot for five kilometres
following the statue. According to the Filipino Catholics the procession and the
days that follow are a chance to celebrate Masses and popular traditions, an
important way to visibly show a genuine desire to atone one’s sins. For others
however the way atonement is manifested during the procession is “excessive.”

The statue of the Black Nazarene arrived in the Philippines on 31 May 1606 when
the first Augustinian missionaries set foot in Manila. Built in Mexico the figure
represents the Saviour kneeling under the weight of the cross. Its fame as worker
of miracles stems from the fact> that it survived a fire that destroyed the ship
that brought it into the country.

Placed inside the church in Bagumbayan—now called Luneta near central Manila—
on 10 September of the same year, it was moved to the Saint Nicholas Tolentina
Parish Church where it remained until the latter part of the 18th century.
The archbishop of the capital at the time, Mgr Basilio Sancho de Santas Justa,
eventually ordered it to be moved to the church in Quiapo, its final destination.

The popular devotion sparked by the icon led the Holy See under Innocent X to
canonically institute the Confraternity of Jesus Nazarene. In the 19th century
Pope Pius VII honoured the Black Nazarene by granting plenary indulgence
“to those who pray to it in a pious way.”


Beloved Family;

I think we keep missing the point whenever we see Christi-insanity being represented
through so-called black iconic figureens. True they are a throw-back to the original
African holy family of Asr, Ast and Hru, but when represented in this context
THEY ARE NOT! They are the soul-less effigies and sigils of a parasitic mindset.
And this should be continuously emphasized every time we show them for historic
reference and comparison, because those less knowlegeable who are practicing
these religions believe that such "blackness" in the evidentiary "proof" legitimizes
their faith that these satanic variations must be theirs by 'historic default.'

MINDSET OF THE CONQUEROR WHO CREATED HIM. This statue is not "black." It's
features are distinctly WHITE. It's a WHITE god black-ENED by fire as it was being
transported from Mexico to Manila in 1606 by Conquistador-backed Spanish
missionaries of the Inquisition!
Click the link and observe his features for yourselves up close...

Also, take a few moments and check the following video to see who these
mis-guided people of Manila are REALLY worshipping!

This religious hysteria whipped up over the "black" Nazerene is not far
removed in symbolism from the lecherous pulpit-pimps who LOOK black,
but in fact are just as white as their shadow-handlers who ordained them
at the IRS; those black-LOOKING folks who whip up the hysteria of
the "Holy Ghost" while sucking the economic wealth and spiritual life's
blood out of black communities across the African Diaspora to the tune
of billions of dollars annually.

Afrikan peoples MUST awaken from this pathogenic stupor. We must
snap out of this 1500-year spell weaved byour captors called "religion";
the same spell that has us believing that such a mass display of collective
insanity in Manila, over a black piece of burned embroidered wood,
should be considered "important" to us because it's, what...("black"?);
the same spell that has our Kenyan sister represented in the
following link pleading to a white Jesus to bringher solace and peace.

African Diasporic peoples of all colors and tribal origins, no matter
where they are presently functioning throughout the world, are
psycho-spiritual slaves to 3 major institutions of 'worship' they
blindly follow called Christianity, Islam or Judaism. They are
ALL currently following belief-structures created, managed
and operated from the throneroom of the Vatican--ALL presently
bathing in the oceans of ancestral blood shed by those who
once acted, and are STILL acting upon the fanaticisms of
their dubious beliefs; ALL of them hypnotized followers
chronically suffering from a 'faith-based' derangement of the
THIS is what I saw when I read that article and viewed the video..

Beloved, you could sell a wet bag o' s@#t as the "redeemer-god"
given enough time, wealth, hype, indoctrination and genocide.
And the Vatican has had over 1500 years of non-stop "gun-boat publicity"
to perfect its selling game.

Tell the truth beloved family. Of the people shown in the above video clip,
is there any difference in comparison to the poor clueless ("converted")
autochthonus peoples of South America bowing down and praying before
an inkspot, tree limb or water stain they say looks like the Virgin Mary?

Just a thought family.

In Light and Love,
Bro. Valentine

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Real Deal

Greetings Family!

After 30 years of teaching in the "underground " community, I have established the University of Kemetian Sciences (UKS) Online. It is the global vehicle through which we reach and teach brothers and sisters in the Cosmic Diaspora, what they will never hear in any other university.

As we wrote in "Ancient Future", our bi-weekly newsletter: "It's been close to 2 years since we introduced our progressive concept of education to the world, and we are happy to report that the concept is catching on!

Students of varied ages, and from several countries around the African Diaspora have passed through our "Digital Halls", and we are extremely pleased with the extraordinary levels of achievement they have attained. We are convinced that the coming year will bring much more of the same, as we continue to witness the bonding of new, like minded friends in the process.

Looking forward to welcoming YOU to our live class sessions, where you are sure to take your education to the next level!"

Check us out at posted in Ancient Future, if you enroll before January 15, you will receive a 50% discount on the registration fee.

You've seen my name all over youtube, etc. posted by friends and foe alike; but this is the real deal.

by Dr. Phil Valentine