Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Real Deal

Greetings Family!

After 30 years of teaching in the "underground " community, I have established the University of Kemetian Sciences (UKS) Online. It is the global vehicle through which we reach and teach brothers and sisters in the Cosmic Diaspora, what they will never hear in any other university.

As we wrote in "Ancient Future", our bi-weekly newsletter: "It's been close to 2 years since we introduced our progressive concept of education to the world, and we are happy to report that the concept is catching on!

Students of varied ages, and from several countries around the African Diaspora have passed through our "Digital Halls", and we are extremely pleased with the extraordinary levels of achievement they have attained. We are convinced that the coming year will bring much more of the same, as we continue to witness the bonding of new, like minded friends in the process.

Looking forward to welcoming YOU to our live class sessions, where you are sure to take your education to the next level!"

Check us out at posted in Ancient Future, if you enroll before January 15, you will receive a 50% discount on the registration fee.

You've seen my name all over youtube, etc. posted by friends and foe alike; but this is the real deal.

by Dr. Phil Valentine


Anonymous said...

Peace and Blessings to you. Its wonderful to finally be able to read more of your teachings.

Hotep said...

One day I will save enough to attend this brother's university. After listening to tons of his lectures, Phil Valentine is one of the few that can present seemingly hard concepts into a comprehensible, everyday language. But are we willing to at least consider the alternatives? We need only truth now, so I'll help him out by leaving some specific YouTube clips:

A Resurrection of Reason in a Reign of Ignorance:

Woman's Womb is under attack: instinctual breakdown.

Shaking Up the Scientific Community: GAGUT Intro.

Why our Egos and Perceptions about aging could be incorrect:

There are more. Feel free to link to or embed in your favorite blogs, forums, and e-mail forwards. said...

oops. Forgot to make the links click-able. Just copy and paste into your browser.

Ynot said...

As a aspiring adept student of the University of Kemetian Sciences, I encourage all of those who are looking for, and have a calling for the reality of the truth and an awakening to Universal Cosmic Intelligence, the University is an excellent source. I must say that the Universtiy shows you the perspective of your current perception of the Matrix, into the perception of what our ancient ancestors taught, and their brilliance of all the sciences. Your consciousness will be enhanced to the higher frequentcies of consciousness. There is no other University that teaches the wisdom, knowledge and brilliance of the ancient master ancestors of KMT. I encourage all those that feel there is something missing in your life, to matriculate in the University of Kemetian Sciences for your resurrection. Dr. Valentine is one of those rare brothers who the ancestors have ordained to return to the hiers, their those great teachings of our stolen legacy.

QueenKhadijah said...

Dr. Valentine is a long awaited Breath Of Fresh Air!! I for one happen to be of the school of thought that our people are suffering from a kind of mass insanity that has to be dealt with, if the generation of youth that are coming behind us are to have a fighting chance at any kind of hope of freedom. And by me reffering to the word "freedom" please be CLEAR; when I use the word freedom I mean: "a liberated mind". Because if you live in amerikkka - I'm sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but Beloved you are not FREE by a long shot!

As long as you have a mortage, car note, rent, tuition etc... that you are obligated to pay, I'm afraid you are not FREE!! The only way you can get FREE in todays world is to free your mind.

The process of freeing the mind will change the way you preceive the TRUTH. This act will plant your feet on the path to freedom. But Beloved make no mistake Freedom is by no means free!!

It's is going to take a lot of hard work and a completely OPEN MIND to be able to recieve the truth that beautiful brothers like Dr. Valentine and Bro. Bobby Hemitt are putting down. These brothers have done the work, that let's face it - the majority of US are to lazy or just to overwhelmed to do. As for me; I am making it a priority in my life, to sit at this beautiful brother & his beautiful wife's feet and learn all that I can. This will empower me to pass on this knowledge to those who are coming behind me who are seeking freedom. Because I know that their spirits are telling them that something just ain't right.

It is my assignment from my ancestors to do this work and I just feel blessed that the brother & his queen are finally in a position to teach the next generation of teachers who are to follow in their gigantic footsteps!!!

Stay Beautiful Dr. Valentine

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Great to see you are hear that you here in the blogshpere of the cyber-world! Many clips of you are on the web...I am glad to find an official site. Looking forward to many of your thought-provoking insights!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! ..was from "EW" - Brooklyn, NY!

kizziah Wilson said...

BROTHER PHILL, I NEED ANSWERS???????>>>>I WANT TO BE APART OF THE me please otherwise i have no goal or passion


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dr. Valentine do you have anything on the accuracy of the Legend of Atlantis?

Anonymous said...

I am new to this but a brother shared some light on the aspects of life that have been blocked out and now I'm hungry for the knowledge that I was robbed of . So can you my brothers and sisters help me out email me. Shanaghy85@

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