Saturday, January 12, 2008

Worship of the Black Christ

Hotep Beloved Family;

I received the following post and thought it
was interesting enough to kick-start our 'blogger groove.'

My response follows.

Brother Valentine

The Black Nazarene Procession
Thousands Flock to Touch Holy Statue
Wednesday, January 9, 2008

(AsiaNews) – More than 80,000 people celebrated
today the Black Nazarene, a black statue depicting Jesus bearing the cross
to Calvary that is carried in a traditional procession in the streets of central
Manila. For local worshippers the statue works miracles.

About 700 police secured the roads that led to the procession route, concerned
that the event might be used for attacks against the statue, even symbolic ones.
In reality what was carried was only a replica of the four-century- old icon which
is instead kept in a church in Quiapo. The archbishop of Manila, Card Gaudencio
Rosales, who led a dawn Mass, said that the original statue represents every
Catholic’s desire to take up “one’s crosses and trials in life in imitation of Christ.”

Angela Ceralvo, a 29-year-old homemaker, said that her devotion to the Black
Nazarene grew thanks to her mother. Peter Tanlayko, 35, was also raised with
the ritual. Like his father and grandfather he walked barefoot for five kilometres
following the statue. According to the Filipino Catholics the procession and the
days that follow are a chance to celebrate Masses and popular traditions, an
important way to visibly show a genuine desire to atone one’s sins. For others
however the way atonement is manifested during the procession is “excessive.”

The statue of the Black Nazarene arrived in the Philippines on 31 May 1606 when
the first Augustinian missionaries set foot in Manila. Built in Mexico the figure
represents the Saviour kneeling under the weight of the cross. Its fame as worker
of miracles stems from the fact> that it survived a fire that destroyed the ship
that brought it into the country.

Placed inside the church in Bagumbayan—now called Luneta near central Manila—
on 10 September of the same year, it was moved to the Saint Nicholas Tolentina
Parish Church where it remained until the latter part of the 18th century.
The archbishop of the capital at the time, Mgr Basilio Sancho de Santas Justa,
eventually ordered it to be moved to the church in Quiapo, its final destination.

The popular devotion sparked by the icon led the Holy See under Innocent X to
canonically institute the Confraternity of Jesus Nazarene. In the 19th century
Pope Pius VII honoured the Black Nazarene by granting plenary indulgence
“to those who pray to it in a pious way.”


Beloved Family;

I think we keep missing the point whenever we see Christi-insanity being represented
through so-called black iconic figureens. True they are a throw-back to the original
African holy family of Asr, Ast and Hru, but when represented in this context
THEY ARE NOT! They are the soul-less effigies and sigils of a parasitic mindset.
And this should be continuously emphasized every time we show them for historic
reference and comparison, because those less knowlegeable who are practicing
these religions believe that such "blackness" in the evidentiary "proof" legitimizes
their faith that these satanic variations must be theirs by 'historic default.'

MINDSET OF THE CONQUEROR WHO CREATED HIM. This statue is not "black." It's
features are distinctly WHITE. It's a WHITE god black-ENED by fire as it was being
transported from Mexico to Manila in 1606 by Conquistador-backed Spanish
missionaries of the Inquisition!
Click the link and observe his features for yourselves up close...

Also, take a few moments and check the following video to see who these
mis-guided people of Manila are REALLY worshipping!

This religious hysteria whipped up over the "black" Nazerene is not far
removed in symbolism from the lecherous pulpit-pimps who LOOK black,
but in fact are just as white as their shadow-handlers who ordained them
at the IRS; those black-LOOKING folks who whip up the hysteria of
the "Holy Ghost" while sucking the economic wealth and spiritual life's
blood out of black communities across the African Diaspora to the tune
of billions of dollars annually.

Afrikan peoples MUST awaken from this pathogenic stupor. We must
snap out of this 1500-year spell weaved byour captors called "religion";
the same spell that has us believing that such a mass display of collective
insanity in Manila, over a black piece of burned embroidered wood,
should be considered "important" to us because it's, what...("black"?);
the same spell that has our Kenyan sister represented in the
following link pleading to a white Jesus to bringher solace and peace.

African Diasporic peoples of all colors and tribal origins, no matter
where they are presently functioning throughout the world, are
psycho-spiritual slaves to 3 major institutions of 'worship' they
blindly follow called Christianity, Islam or Judaism. They are
ALL currently following belief-structures created, managed
and operated from the throneroom of the Vatican--ALL presently
bathing in the oceans of ancestral blood shed by those who
once acted, and are STILL acting upon the fanaticisms of
their dubious beliefs; ALL of them hypnotized followers
chronically suffering from a 'faith-based' derangement of the
THIS is what I saw when I read that article and viewed the video..

Beloved, you could sell a wet bag o' s@#t as the "redeemer-god"
given enough time, wealth, hype, indoctrination and genocide.
And the Vatican has had over 1500 years of non-stop "gun-boat publicity"
to perfect its selling game.

Tell the truth beloved family. Of the people shown in the above video clip,
is there any difference in comparison to the poor clueless ("converted")
autochthonus peoples of South America bowing down and praying before
an inkspot, tree limb or water stain they say looks like the Virgin Mary?

Just a thought family.

In Light and Love,
Bro. Valentine


Jsimon said...

Very interesting post. It's sad that people have to be duped like that for THE CONTROLLERS to maintain control over them. Also, given the trials (last 500 years) Black folks have gone through, some of our people are falling for another trick- accepting anything once it is "black".When I looked at the hair, nose etc it is clear that they were bringing a pale Jesus for the people. An accident then becomes a deity. Fact remains no Jesus boy needs worship.furthermore ,all this Jesus stuff is IDOLATORY yet they have the guts to tell people they worship idols.Your response Dr. V is on the money.Keep educating our people.

the Khepera Society said...

word....hmmm....if i could only get some hypnotized followers to start buying my merchandise..(hellooooo, insane maniacal groupies...I'M RIGHT HERE..WITH STUFF FOR just never works out that way for us with good intentions though...
Its kinda scary the level of loyalty evoked in these drones.

I think we require some serious hesis/mantras. The earth's vibration is raising (hertz increasing on fibonacci sequence)
and they are panicking...i can't really blame them...i almost can understand the poor, unitiated..desperate folk...if we didn't have the Over, Under, Innerstanding we possess now...we could be one of them...RA FORBID! don't think so. I subscribe to the Kemetic Proverb...the one who knows in this life will know in the other(s). These are the same masses of people who probably
f*%$!d the S&*t up for us in the 1st place (every single lifetime). Pluto is in Cap this month..representing a 12 year cycle for the globe. Pluto in cap will demonstrate NWO type agendas; realized. And power struggles to go back to the 'old' & 'traditional' ways.......So they are going for broke with their b.s.....So Will We!!! Let the Destined prevail!!!

I don't really know how this will play out with the Willie Lynch (300 year-curse) spell ending in 2012...shouldn't they be waking up by now?? or are they all going to awake from this self destructive slumber much too late...yawning and stretching, turning around to find giant tidal waves 400 feet high in front of them.coming and..recalibrating their energies throughout the cosmos into something much more necessary to evolution?

its almost nauseating to think that some won't get it...
i give thanks for wisdom and knowledge

thanks for the thorough breakdown Dr. V~
it was well recieved

Anonymous said...


I would like to say thank you for all of the wonderful responses I have heard on this blog. It has truly inspired and enlightened me so much.

I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question, but I am eager to hear your comments on this.

I am interested in hearing some comments and enlightenment on "spiritual teachers" who claim that they can cure or heal a disease, or send energy from anywhere, to HEAL a disease. To me it sounds like a cultist movement.

I believe that perhaps in the past, this may have been possible, however, I have been unable to find any documentation on this.

Also, can you comment on those who claim to pick up on one's KA-energy, without any type of correspondence, or meeting that person, and making a sound an accurate perception of that person.

I know this brother, who's name has been slandered by such a person. He ordered a book from this persons website who claims he picked up on his Ka energy from simply ordering a book from his site and slandered his name to one of his friends.

This may sound inane, as it does to me, but I would like to hear your comments on these type of people who I belive are blood sucking our community and are causing much confusion.

Comments please....

Anonymous said...

Dr. Phil Valentine,

To candidly exact cultures belief system(s) as incredible without perform no establish research is farcical

The original Egyptians (Nubians) were black, likewise were Jews. The passage "His feet were of like that of the finest bronze" (historically bronze was dark and the superlative quality had a color much like coal) describing Christ elucidates the truth of what Roman States and the Nation adopting their protocol have painstakingly attempting to conceal through centuries of politics and superiority waging.

You have a complex that you've failed to recognize. Although you consciously exercise great efforts in attempt to represent persons of Nubian decent it is evident that hold deep reservation regarding your race. Lying, even to one’s self is a sin.
Listening to a lecture you present on, I observe four different identifiable mood disorders; the average Caucasian American has four. Due to inequitable studies of Nubian American a projected number is unavailable. At least mentality is correct.

P illed H igher and D eeper.

Devin L. Ford

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I don't know if this was an error but why include Islam and Judaism among the "belief-structures created, managed and operated from the throneroom of the Vatican"? As far as I know, the Vatican is a Catholic state, not Jewish or Islamic.

Imani said...

Thank you once more for the blog. I watched the clip and what I perceived was a blind hysteria amongst the crowd of people.

I agree also that the depiction just looked like the Europeanized version of Jesus with black paint.

Saying this, I'd like to add: Even if the depiction WAS African looking, I feel it would still be a case of people giving their energy to something OUTSIDE themselves. i.e, rather than cultivating our selves from within.

The various religions have people, in particular African people, in a comfort zone of non-questioning. For me, it requires gaining insight into the esoteric knowledge of those texts. Be aware of their historical African precedents, yes. However, to read the scriptures in the same concrete/literal interpretation but with black personages, well, I don't feel that can provide real insight. This is my view of it at this point.

Regarding the Vatican source of Islam and Judaism as well as all branches of Christianity: Last year, I had come across the Alberto Rivera essay on how the Vatican created Islam. Given what eventually happened to Rivera, I think there was much veracity in his post-Jesuit writings. I am keen to learn more.

jokernose said...

was elijah muhammad given permission by the vatican to run his organization? since the nation of islam is a masonic group

jokernose said...

was Elijah Muhammad given permission by the vatican to run his movement? Since the nation of islam is a masonic group.

Anonymous said...

bronze meant illuminated or metal in color or referred to other idols or statues in the concordance, lol people will believe anything when they have a deep desire to. esp. involving their own race. adam was white (he could blush) trace jesus' genealogy right back to adam in the bible. that really doesnt matter anyway unless you're racist. satan came to try to corrupt that bloodline, which is what the whole "the serpent beguiled me" thing is all about..beguiled means seduced. the flood took care of that.

starfiregold said...

Dr. Valentine,

I've been listening to your lectures on DVDs and on the internet for a year; and I find it liberating and refreshing. I would like to contact you regarding setting up future lectures. Please contact me at your earliest.

Anonymous said...

Greetings to you from O.HI.O Dr Phil Valentine...

I am seeking you out for assistance on a matter that I have sought many Master Teachers who have failed to present information for answers and resources. I respect all powerful souls...for I am one; however, I have come to realize: a powerful soul does not mean all knowing. Can you interpret my call and will you desire to answer is the point within this communication.

Best Regards...

Dr. Valentine said...


Hotep; Not sure if I've already answered your request
for my info regarding speaking engagements, but just in case, you can contact my office at 386.456.9279 between the hours of 10am and 8:30pm EST, and I will send you my standard contractual agreement...

Carl de Borhegyi said...

Regarding your article on the Black Christ of Esquipulas.
My father, Dr.Stephan F. de Borhegyi, was the Maya archaeologist who was the first to publish an article (1959)in Spanish, about the religious phenomenon of the "Black Christ" and its connection to a religious cult and pilgrimage, practiced in pre-Columbian times, and the religious cult of a "Black Christ" practiced today at the shrine of Esquipulas. My father's publication (Culto a la Imagen del Senor de Esquipulas en Centroamerica y Nuevo Mexico. Revista del Instituto de Antropologia e Historia de Guatemala, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp.44-55. Guatemala City.) looks at the phenomenon that the 'Black Christ cured the people of various illnesses. My father, better known simply as "Borhegyi" connected this religious cult to a church in Chimayo New Mexico, called El Santuario de Chimayo. He connected the religious phenomenon of clay eating, known as Geophagy, which was practiced in pre-Columbian times by the ancient Maya, to the shrines miraculous cures, all of which is connected to the cult of the "Black Christ" at Esquipulas. For more see Stephan F. de Borhegyi, 1970, El Santuario de Chimayo: Published by the Spanish Colonial Arts Society, Inc.
Or Visit Breaking The Mushroom Code.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how you all can blame white people and yet side with jews, claiming they were of Kemetic descent. Jews are the people you all have been fingering for years on the television as "White people" and now they are somehow connected to kem? Jews are from the caucas mountains. They are the caucazoid you speak of. They are the curse of cannan. The problem with the melanated community is they are still following jewish sources for thier history. THE HYKSOS WERE THE JEWS OF THAT DAY PEOPLE! WAKE THE HELL UP!

Dr. Valentine said...

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Anonymous said...

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