Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Brief Synopsis of The Deaducation System....


FA said...

Greetings Dr. Valentine,

I can't say why but I've always followed a path of individual salvation/potentiation, in defiance of every religion I've come across and the numerous 'individuals' who have been more than happy to describe in varying levels of severity "what I have coming".

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for individuals and work such as you and yours. Just over a year ago I first saw Vampires and while I was already in the rabbit hole, that and other works of yours guided me to depths it might have taken me 20 or more years to experience.

Simply put, my hope is that I may be afforded the opportunity to shake your hand and show some love. Until such a time, if at all, I wish to express -

Thank you for everything. Not all whites are caucazoids, and regardless my ancestry I am far more melanated than I once was.


GODDESS5 said...

Htp. Please comment on the unfolding Ascension Superwave for the Shemsu Heru and the Superwaves impact on melanin. Particular focus on the recent Sun ribbon and other earth changes would be appreciated. Dwa!

Dr. Valentine said...

We are all from the de-generational Seeds of the original Shmsw-Hrw. The so-called "super-wave" is simply the levels of intensity we are experiencing from our solar system's adjustment to the newest "Velocities of Being", as I have explained in my new book "Cosmic Codex - Book of the Earth" not yet published. We are receiving Light-encoded information for our DNA and overall molecular-atomic structures as we pass through higher frequency fields emanating from our Sun and galactic core and the Interstellar dust cloud at the mouth of "Xibalba", the opening to the Milky Way void. These spectral frequencies contain photons with charged particles, visible light, infrared, ultraviolet, and gamma rays, all of which are subtle multidimensional energies transduced into our physical dimensions and communicated throughout our solar system to the Earth, and through the food and water supply to humanity. The work of the Shmsw-Hrw is simply to guide those whose inner photonic makeup is awakening and ready for alignment with the Ascension Wave...

GODDESS5 said...

Tua brotha Valentine!

Sukhy said...

Dear Dr. Phil,

May I begin by writing that you are an inspiration and I admire the depth at which you have done your research in your quest for the truth. I also am grateful that you are doing what's in your ability to share what you have learned to the masses. Please continue to open and expands minds as it is very necessary for the masses to awaken.

I have always been on the quest for truth/knowledge and understanding aswell as experiencing the knowledge gained and sharing it with whomever I can. I come from a Sikh family which is very rich in spirituality and I have been searching for the truth for some time now. About 2 years ago, I first came across some profound knowledge, as it was the first time I've ever come to know of anything such. It goes very deep into spirituality, having it's roots from the vedas and linking the hidden meanings from all the scriptures.

I noticed in your video 'Metaphysics of the bible Lecte 3/3' that you read a quote of Lord Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita. It was a very fitting quote! WIth the knowledge I have come across, I came to learn that it wasn't actually Lord Krishna who spoke the Bhagavad Gita?? Lord Krishna was actually possessed by 'Kaal' at the time of speaking the Gita and evidence can be found within the Gita itself. Furthermore, you also mention Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. By the way, I loved your video 'Cosmic Codex' and how you linked the three major religions to Hinduism. Anyway,I also learned that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva themselves are subject to birth and death, and that all three have the same Mother and Father, who are also subject to birth and death.

There is much more I would like to share with you but also very keen to learn from yourself. I know you must be very busy but if you can find the time to do an investigation into Sikhism, then that would be so enlightening, as that is the school of thought from which I, along with millions of other people, have got their foundation of spirituality from.

I hope to share everything that I learn with others so that they too make awaken.

If you find this comment of interest and you have some time in your schedule to reply to it, then I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


Andrene said...

I was wondering if you've seen telepathy, or is it possible. so many things you've said i found out on my own. but i was told that i'm crazy, i just really need confirmation because i have nothing to believe in and it's driving me crazy. there are so many wondrous things i've experienced and i can't stop them, i need to confirm my place. you know, faith or not.

Dr. Valentine said...

@Andrene; Perhaps you might be interested in joining our classes for the Spring semester starting this April. There we delve deeply into the metaphysics of the mind and the science of Thought. Log on to and click the "courses" button. Browse, and if you're interested, please call 800.947.1291 and leave your contact information. Love and Light...

Andrene said...

thank you. it looks interesting.

Lionel Drummond said...

Hello Dr. Valentine,

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for imparting all your wisdom to the diaspora; you are truly a blessing to us all.

I think though, that the title of this video shouldn't be "What happened to Hip-Hop?", instead it should be 'What happened to our Black politicians?'. I get kinda' fed up with the diaspora being so hard on rappers/Hip-Hoppers while they give all our Black politicians a pass. These ARE the people with the resources, but nine out of ten times, they totally ignore the Black populous. If we see all the dastardly endeavors of the western educational system as it pertains to our youth, then why don't our politicians or the elders in organizations like the NAACP, work to put a stop to it; again, they're the ones with the majority of the resources.

Hip-Hop is not the plaque of our people, the apathetic nature of our 'elder leaders' is. If every Black mayor, congressperson, senator, governor, or President Obama would take strides to REALLY help our people, we'd see Hip-Hop for what it really is...a culture that provides us with 'entertainment'.

Why are we holding Hip-Hop to a higher standard than we're holding our own Black politicians? THIS MAKES NO SENSE!

So I implore everyone who might be reading this to STOP BAGGING ON HIP-HOP! Let's start slandering our politicians who make it possible for our young men to be shot down in the streets like dogs by gestapo-like white policemen. Let's bag on our politicians who've done nothing to help our people in New Orleans post-Katrina. Let's diss our politicians who make it possible for our people to pay more for every kind of loan we might apply for than our white peers. Let's start dissing our good-for-nothing but kissing up to white folk politicians...'cause they're Black people's REAL cultural retards!

Dr. Valentine said...

@Bro. Lionel; I agree with you. But we must also demand accountability from those in our community who decide to seek and hold the attention of our children via the entertainment industry.

BTW; that video you are referring to, which you say the bootleggers labeled "What Happened to Hip-Hop" is the name THEY gave to but a VERY small segment of a lecture I did entitled "Lockdown USA"...which was the REAL title.

Anonymous said...

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dominic allen said...

hi i`m Dominic from the uk i have been questioning life for a very long time i`m 26 mixed race and you could say im a
"black surtistic" failed in school grew up in a single parent family but my mother is white i have got to a point were i feel hopeless useless if you get me iv dun every from sell drugs been a robber done every thing you could think of in crinimal activity. About 3 weeks ago i was in the trap "crack den" looking around me thinking is this life is this what am here for i remembered watching hidden colors with a friend briefly and looked it up and watched it again it made me cry every thing in it i knew or had thouth and it scared me i belive it is time for change i belive that i need to learn more about my past and not preach but let it be heard i have sat with the devil and got away so now all that effort i put into the roads life i want to put into the truth i think it something i need to do please help with any books or dvds i can look up or if theres speachs going on if you have anything in the uk what could help me or if you need any help or if you could just teach me would be a great help.

PS sorry about the spelling never finished school lool

Alhumdulilah god bless you

Anonymous said...

PEACE Dr. and brother Valentine. My name is Samuel Qebah Senuf El, original name Samuel Lee Williams Jr, and I have to tell you that I admire you and the things you do. You are guiding and leading people the right direction, but it's up to the people to do their own research, study, and find truth for themselves. I've been inspired by many leaders and scholars who spoke truths on history and proclaiming the false religions that are inadequate and detrimental to humanity. I lived as a Christian almost all of my life, and now that I'm studying and learning what Christianity really is I turned my ways to just living spiritual. I've learned that we are the universe and it dwells within us. Allah almighty the most high who they call God is creator and he manifests his strength and wisdom within us, the aboriginals and indigenous people of the land. The Moors. I just want to say it's a pleasure listening to you speak cuz I get words of wisdom and inspiration from you and other true leaders and I want to purchase your book to.I wish I can meet with you and talk to you in person, that will make my day to just meet you, shake your hand and give you a hug. Keep teaching Dr. and let God use you, thanks brother. PEACE.

Anonymous said...

I like your writing. This is Samuel Qebah Senuf El. Keep educating your people and I will do the same. I want to study on sikhism, it sounds inspiring. Let's wake our people up and do it together. PEACE.

Dr. Valentine said...

Greetings FA;

Humble thanks for your kind and generous sentiments. Thanks as well for your support of the work, and too look forward to such a day. Until then, stay strong in your resolve to find and cultivate the seeds of truth in the soils of the all-too-few open minds in our society. Love and Light...

Dr. Valentine said...

@Sukhy; Thank you for the clarification. I look forward to exchanging information with you as well. I am aware of "Kaal" (or the "Ka" of ancient Khm) and was reminded of it a while back through another Sikh friend. :) However, I like to take things slowly and
methodically when introducing our community to information and ideas that are new and "radical". Thanks again for reaching out. Love and Light...

MSciSoul said...

Dear Dr Valentine,

Thank you for your reply :) I too agree, that when it comes to 'radical' knowledge, it needs to be introduced gently, and with yourself being an elder, it is my duty to take heed and proceed as per your instructions.

In the interim, I have been watching your lectures on a daily basis, as well as those from Dr Yaffa Bey, Dr Delbert Blair, Dr Alim Bey, da13thsun, and others, all of whom have acknowledged yourself :)

Please feel free to email me on I look forward to exchanging information and ideas with yourself.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

Talk english you illiterate wild monkey. You give minoritys in this world a bad name. Instead of coming out your mothers vagina, you came out your dads ass because you talk shit, walk like shit and smell like shit. I feel sorry for your parents and your children because you are worthless

Queen Cookie said...

Dr. Valentine, could you please help me in getting the names of the books that the Dr. Oyibo spoke about in your presentation video. They were not referenced in the video, and thank you so much...
thank you Lorraine Voss,on FB. or you may reply to my google account, whichever you prefer. again thank you.

Ashley B said...

Hello Dr. Valentine!
I hope all is going well your way! My question is, would you suggest a breastfeeding mother (baby is 4 months now) to go on a water fast? I became a vegetarian after giving birth to my son at home however I have eaten meat here and there and I'm still in the process of expelling GMO's and acid based foods out of my diet. At this point I would like to fast but I am worried I wont have enough nutrients in my milk. Just as a side note I do take Dr. Sebi's sea moss daily and maybe I could use that as a food replacement. Thank you so much for all that you do! I must say you have considerably helped me in my evolution process. Much love to you and yours!


Dr. Valentine said...

@Ashley B;
I suggest that you contact me ASAP.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hi I'm JTheophilus Browne, I've been walk the path for 14 years and have opened the door.
I'm will to share all I know as I believe I have the key.
Dr Phil Valentine please contact me

Jaye Harding said...

I've just lucked upon your video of the "Brief Synopsis Of The Deaducation System" in which I'm absolutely devastated as to the level of subversion applied to deliberately thwart and stifle the growth of people: more specifically Black people in particular! What's even more unnerving is trying to find information from you that is current: "Brief Synopsis Of The Deaducation System" was posted August 16, 2012, which is four years ago! If that be the case what on earth has happened since then that people should know now?

I find it frustratingly exhausting trying to get some kind of lecture schedule for you be it live, radio, video, or otherwise, and to add insult to injury practically "all Black folks" to whom I mention your name have never even heard of you. Your information is something that should be shared with all who are interested, and most particular "us". However, I can say without reservation that you definitely need to reach a much much broader spectrum of "Black folk" that includes those with higher education as much as those without it to really make an impact.

If I may be so bold as to point out that the "street level" of communicating in your lectures would be a turn off for many who I think should hear what you have to say, and most particularly children! I only became aware of you last July 2015, when you spoke before Dr. Delbert Blair on a video I just happened upon out of curiosity. Blacks who have the illusion that we've made it need a reality check, and as of right now I can't think of anyone more qualified than yourself, however "everyone" needs to hear your message including those Cauzacoids you keep putting down: they need to be especially educated!

The information you impart is of such importance that given Dr. Delbert Blair's passing in January 2016, and the extremely questionable passing of Dr. Sebi this past Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016, most certainly gives an extremely alarming element urgency to what you have to impart to the masses to say the least.

If I wanted to pursue a regimen of study in the field of Metaphysics how would I proceed? Better yet I'm able to really and truly understand that which I've listened and gleaned from your videos necessitating more current information to impart to others as well. However, I'm sure you know by now that far too many people "Don't want to know" what's going on, thereby choosing selective ignorance as their "Blue Pill" as a coping mechanism.

Please contact or have someone contact me at regarding my request.

By all means please keep imparting your wisdom, insight, and universal awareness to all who will listen and glean the information you gift to mankind.