Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To Sister "Fatiha"

Either you have mis-remembered, mis-heard, or mis-interpreted my words good Sister. I have stated, and will continue to state, that I challenge anyone to REFUTE what I have presented about Islam. They could do so in their OWN forums, just as I did. I have also stated that I would only debate MY PEERS! Dr. Wesley Muhammad and Dr. Ali Muhammad are "faith-ists" who will argue their BELIEFS in Islam, and not the evidence I have presented. For example, to this day, with all their rantings about my "Ghetto Scholarship", neither one has yet to address my point by point exposition where I historically, technically and visually showed Islam's direct plagiarism and rip-off of the ancient religion of Shiva. My sista, when the time comes, IF I feel like diverting my precious time to give credibility to men who wish to continue to promote alien, antiquated, mind-controlling, dogmatic, mind-traps like the 3 purveyors of "Theo-psychotic" behaviorisms around the world (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), I will. But to tell you the truth, if you do your OWN research on Youtube, you will find at least a half dozen brothers have already done that job for me.
My point here is...that religion is the creation of MAN! As such, it is INFECTED with, and subject to, the whim and the basest psychological interpretations of MAN. God creates Man, then Man begets God - through CONCEPTS called RELIGION! All of them perpetrate the same mind control formulas through the suppression and persecution of higher spiritual evolutionary consciousness.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Valentine,

I have been a seeker for 36 yrs. I am now 56yrs young. I have joined and followed many organizations, change my name the whole route.

You Dr. Hagin, Clarke, are the real voice and knowledge of our future. My prayer is that our people, listen , follow and learn.
Bro. Michael

Anonymous said...

Thank you beloved Bro. Michael. We truly value and cherish your kind words and support. We aspire to accomplish precisely what you have so eloquently stated. You might consider joining our University to take a few courses taught live online when you have the means and the opportunity.
Creator guide and bless your Path...

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Valentine

I really enjoy your lectures, particularly on the difference between "truth" and "reality". It is a real shame that there are so many caught up in the world to take a look back and to actually think about what makes up this place. History and ancestory are now outdated concepts. We always knew this sacred information, it's just that some nefarious groups out there have figured out means to manipulate the populace. Keep up the great work and blessings will be upon you. p.s. I am a white man but look past such trivial things. I find beauty in all people and love in all people. Thanks.

Dr. Valentine said...

Thank you. We strive to relate the facts as clearly and concisely as possible, with 'a twist' of our own personal perceptions stirred in. Appreciate the support...

Anonymous said...

Dr. Valentine,

Why do you think that these people, being the NWO, etc are trying to do such harm to the people and the world. To be king and rule over an empty desert is not a prize. perhaps it is to control just to control, or maybe they are so evil and perverted that it is just thier character. It is hard to find a reason why the world is the way it is today. What has happened to us? If these people are the villains of the story who are the heroes? What is the point of this story? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dr. Valentine

Were you aware of brother steve cokely's health problems?

He apparently suffered congestive heart failure and is supposedly at Centinela Hospital Medical Center in Inglewood California

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dr. Valentine, in questioning your spirituality I would like to share an experience I had around 1971. My friends said I was dosed with LSD by a stranger when we could not catch, from then I felt very hot, anyone that touched me would start getting the same things. I went to the a black psychiatrist who said I was normal and if it was, it will take time to wear off. Meanwhile, my clothes pulled at me, I could stand things to touch me, I began to self doubt myself as time went by if I did something, thought something, living or dead. I had come to my end. My sister asked me what am I going to do, I said I have no choice but to pray. I had been reading Islam Sufi books, and I really couldn't understand them, but I made wudu, covered my head, turned to the east, and prayed standing for hours, perhaps days, because my mother was witness to me turning into light. I got scared it would not get out of me, my mom said go back and pray, I ran back up stairs and it left on my request. But, after that, Imams, priest, anyone that had any spirituality would stop me and say things like you know God etc. So, I have practiced Islam ever since. I have not prayed like that since, but a couple of times I almost did, and things I felt started to happen so I stopped. The light that consumed me was very healing, and scary, because of the type of prayers, like death prayers, I was offered to come home and I asked not to because I wanted to know what it would be like to be in love, married and have children. Now, I look back, and I have no regrets but perhaps on a few things and one is I should have stayed with my spiritual contact. Every now and then I'll meet people who will say, hey did you know you have light in you. I say, everyone of us have light in us, we have to get near to God to magnify it. It is Islam that has kept me in submission and near to this Light, to our Creator Allah swt. Everything has order, and times of praise to HIM, and so do humans. As we came through a journey, we will go back through a journey for Judgement Day. I know the fire is real, as I know God, and Love.

Knowledgeseeker9 said...

Greetings Bro. Phil. In 2005 a Nigerian brother of mine gave me a vhs tape of one of your lecture. Ever since then, I became hooked. At that time I was a Muslim. I used to get into it with Christians, Jehovah's withnesses,and others. After viewing that tape over and over again, I became a student of yours. I've since renounce Islam and all other forms of religions. Thank you for freeing my mind and opening up my eyes to the REAL TRUTH. I watch your lectures on you tube every chance I get. Keep up the execelent work. Blessings.

Dr. Valentine said...

Thank you Knowledgeseeker9. Happy to know that you are on the frequency. We treasure your support. Always remember as well that ALL religions are nothing more than promoters of the ancient science of Astrology, and that ALL stories in the Bible, Torah and Qur'an are all Astrosophic in nature, and tell the ancient meta-histories of the galactic "Book of Life".

Anonymous said...

I have to be kind because you were kind to me in not responding to my email on the 6th. And its ok because I wasn't that clear. I do have some questions:
1. Do you believe in Angels?
2. Do you believe in One Almighty
Most High G-d?
3. Do you believe in Free Will or
Free Choice?
4. Do you believe that there will
be a day of Judgement?
5. Do you believe in heaven n hell

6. Do you believe Prophet Jesus
was raised up to return to us
to set the records straight.
7. Do you believe in Prophet
Muhammad as the seal of prophet
8. As a believer can you see G-d
with your eye/heart now or in
the next spiritual life. And is
He so powerful we absolutely
cannot take Him but inspired /
motivated by Him only?
Many things you speak of I really like and accept but somethings are difficult and I am sure you know this.

myesha said...

I tried to place my name on the 6th and 8th anonymous comments but it didn't show up. Here I will try again. FYI I am Myesha

Also, Last Question for now:
Have you had any spiriual, unseen experiences i.e. Did you communicate with G-d Most High Almight? Can you do it at will? How does He normally respond to you

myesha said...

Forgive me Dr. Valentine, I just read some of your take on Islam in these posts. I just got turned onto you, and I am like the others, Salvation is Personal, so I am checking you out too my brother. I am Muslim, one with an open mind too. One of my famous last questions for you -
#9. Do you believe we all animated
and reality is taking place on
higher levels first before its
played out on this level?

#10. Do you believe G-d Most High
Created Adam The First one and
only Adam before any other(S)
If yes, then in Islam the
Hadith states that Adam looked
at all mankind before they
came to earth. If you accept
this - Then the Hadith states
When Adam opened his eyes, he
took Shahadah, the oath of
bearing witness that there is
no ohter G-d and His Seal of
Prophets is Muhammad (that
will soon come down to earth).
11. Brother, I am not here trying
on any alterior motives, only
trying to get an understanding
I am not afraid to make growth
and development on any level,
but I do know my personal
experiences that has a REALITY
in my world witness by others.
That prayers are REAL, I know
He answers mine. And although
I am still growing, in Islam
Spiriatuality, and earthly
knowledge as well as transform
ing to my higher soul levels - I believe you are speaking so
much truth. I am not afraid
to get down, and study, tests
things to find MY LORD. I
have, now all those extras I
am trying to see if you have a
door way for it too. Like in
the Holy Quran we have a bro
named "Kither" who was teach
Moses the prophet! So
knowledge is everywhere, and
if you have some, I ain't
afraid to feast with you. The question is the meeting of the minds souls between us. I do have something to offer too.

Dr. Valentine said...

Sister Myesha;
First; you are asking me throughout your comments if I "believe" in this or that. I do not "believe" when it comes to exploring the spiritual sciences, I endeavor to "know". Then you take long pains to describe the mythological dogmas and spurious tenets of Christianity and Islam (as interpreted by their books), as if these fanciful tales are actually "historic facts".
Let's be clear my sister (and I mean no disrespect)...but judging by your intellectual grasp of the very subject matter you elaborate upon, you are not yet sophisticated enough in your experience with Metaphysics and the Arcane Sciences to overstand the true meanings of the Scriptures. Your words are those of a young idealistic but spiritually and scholastically immature mind still fascinated by the "dead-letter words" of the mis-interpreted sciences of Astrosophic history as they appear in the Bible and the Qur'an, and your "point by point" questions as to whether or not I "believe" in these fairy-tale, mind-enslaving ecclesiasticisms, reveal this all-too clearly.
Lastly; I appreciate what appears to be the brisk enthusiasm on your part to get to "the truth", but for me to elaborate on the real (occult) meanings behind the questions you've asked, would require more space and time than I am prepared to offer here. Suffice it to say that if you wish to pursue "the truth" as no priest of Christianity or imam of Islam will ever give it to you, you should consider enrolling in our cyber university. Just log on to and click "courses" under the banner. If as you claim you are "still growing", and you wish to explore what the ancients called "The Path of the Hidden Light" ...that Path less traveled by the vast majority of the religiously mind-controlled masses, then take a peek at our site, or call the University directly at 386.456.9279 for further clarification.
Stay strong and in the Light.
One Love...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Peace Dr. Valentine,

I have a few small questions for you if you don't mind answering them when time permits.

1. Have you studied the Dharmic Religion called 'Sikhism' and what is your take on it?

2. When will you be making the lecture on the 'abrhamic hydra'?

Kind regards,


RICO said... words to express how I feel...truly inspirational..I need more..amazing...enlightened---I was already on my path prior to hearing you, but you definitely have captured my attention.

PS..this has nothing to do with sister fatiha...just had to give my input..please write back when you find the name is Rico...It would be a GREAT pleasure to chat, if just for a short while, with you.Ill be back on here everyday till I hear from you..

Blessings brother to you and yours...LIGHT/LOVE ...1

PhoeNiX 'LoUp' said...

Dr. Valentine

I appreciate all your work as well as the work of all melenated brothers and sisters/kings and queens in collaboration with our ancestors on this earth and beyond.

I am paying close attention to the events taking place concerning the FY2011 budget and NASA constellation program shut down and outsource. I have analyzed the "NASA Administration" press conference and KSC launch on Feb. 1 2010 (largely misdirected by Super Bowl 44). -(Being from N.O. I can understand on some levels)

Can we discuss and perform a breakdown of these events, which are potentially set to lead us into "questionable" positions within the new commercial space flight industry, "The Nation Space Program" which attempts to restrict (most) "to and from low earth orbit" - David Thompson (CEO Orbital Science Corp)

The aim of these efforts are to construct a "robust logistics train with delivery of "CARGO" and crew" - "Brewster Shaw" (VP/GM NASA Boeing)
I have an upcoming radio show on Feb. 15 and want to interview you concerning these topics and related issues coming into play through this physical existence.


Much respect brother! Thank you for your work!

GreAt WateR RadiO (blogtalkradio)

Dr. Valentine said...

Most welcome;
If possible, contact me at my private e-address to discuss the NASA/NAZI intentions over the next 10 years...
Put "For Dr. Valentine-PhoeNIX" in the subject box

starfiregold said...

Dr. Valentine,

I've been listening to your lectures on DVDs and on the internet for a year; and I find it liberating and refreshing. I would like to contact you regarding setting up future lectures. Please contact me at your earliest.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Phil. I've been watching a YouTube vid with some of your work on 'Important Facts Christianity Jesus & Bible."

Overall, you've got the right idea. It's a very good presentation.

There are a few facts I'd like to quibble with. "Joseph" was from an ancient royal was his much younger wife. Ancient royals were 'betrothed' and had sex with their fiancees in order to prove that the woman could carry a child to term. This was due to the inter-marriage of the ancient royal lineages and the subsequent problems with childbirth and inbreeding. After three months of pregnancy, they were married and had a huge feast. On that day, the now pregnant wife would annoint her husband with some very expensive oils and perfumes.

"Joseph" was in exile under the aegeis of the Nazarene sect, a very stric religious sect, whose members vowed to stay out of politics and give up all of their worldly goods and become a member of "The Poor."

The sect had members all over the world, where traveling Nazarens could stay, thus, they had no need to carrying extra food or clothing or cash. Most members of this sect were not only very religious, they were also what we know of today as physicians. The thirteen senior members of the sect were also rabbis, with the senior rabbi known as Rabboni.

The problem with the ancient traditions of the royals was that Romans didn't think kindly about our of wedlock births, and the contemporary Jewish sects thought less of it than the Romans. Thus, their propaganda attempting to the child that was born to them. The later Roman Catholic empire turned this propaganda to good effect by attempting to discredit one Mary Magdalene, a princess from the ancient royal lineages, when she became pregnant with the child of the man we know of as "Jesus."

Other commentary about the falsehoods inherent in modern religions is pretty much right on the money.

refer also:
domain of man dot com
nazarene way dot com.
earlychristianwritings dot com

"Nazareth – The Town that Theology Built."

'Augustine and manichaeism.'

'An Alternative Genesis.'

From evolutionary theory to history to cosmology to religion, nothing that our traditional institutions has ever taught us is true. It is, at best, inaccurate.

Keep telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Valentine, I have anticipated conversing with you. In your lectures and on your website and facebook you make many claims about Jesus and ancient gods in antiquity which I have found to be untrue and my friend Chris White of and the website are now jointly offering you 1250$ if you can provide a single primary source before the first century for any of the following claims:
That he was born on December 25th
Born of the virgin
His birth was accompanied by a star in the east
Three kings followed to locate and adorn the new-born savior
At the age of 12, he was a prodigal child teacher
And at the age of 30, he was baptized and thus began his ministry
Horus had 12 disciples
Performed miracles such as healing the sick and walking on water
Horus was known by many gestural names such as The Truth, The Light, God's Anointed Son, The Good Shepherd, The Lamb of God, After being betrayed by Typhon,
Horus was crucified,
Buried for 3 days and
Thus, resurrected.
Born of the virgin
With a star in the east signaling his coming
Performed miracles with his disciples
And upon his death was resurrected.
(These are just several out of many. The rest can be found on the websites.)

Are you aware that no pre-Christian Hindu text mentions a crucifixion of Jesus and he actually died after being shot in the foot by a hunter?
Are you aware that Devaki had seven children before Krishna?
Are you aware that we have the same number of early sources for Jesus within 150 years of his life as we do for the Roman emperor contemporary with him?
Are you aware that December 25th never became associated with Jesus’ death until the middle of the fourth century to replace the Roman Saturnalia festival? The Bible emphatically indicates that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th because Sheppard’s don’t tend their fields in Palestine during the winter. Also “Sun” and “Son” are only homophones in the English language and according to the sun doesn’t emphatically set for three days at winter solstice rather it sets for an unspecified period of around 4 to 5 days.

Are you aware that the twelve disciples are reflective of the twelve tribes of Israel and that the zodiac wasn’t divided into the 12 constellations until the golden age by the Babylonians; therefore it cannot be of astrological significance?
I can find no mention in the Egyptian text that indicates that Isis was a virgin. In fact every legend I can find on the Osirian myths all overtly indicate sexual union (indeed some of the texts are on the level of soft core porn)!

You quote the Serapis letter in regard to Emperor Hadrian. Are you aware of the egregious background of the letter and that it was written in the second century after Jesus when many of the pagan religions were borrowing from Christian eschatology? Have you read the entire letter because Hadrian goes on to say that these Serapis worshipers were not true Christians and were simply using the Christian name. Hadrian points out when he says that there is none of them "who is not either an astrologer, a soothsayer, or a minister to obscene pleasures". Why do you not quote this part of the letter in your lectures?
You teach that before the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. there was no Jesus (with the implication that Serapis was the Christ prototype). This is the most ridiculous assertion I’ve ever heard. Tacitus, perhaps the greatest Roman historian, wrote in 113 A.D.:
“Christus, from whom [Christianity] had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Judaea but also in Rome.”

Ben Stanhope

Anonymous said...

Mr Valentine and All his blind sheelple follwers... Are you not aware of Scholars such as...

Celsus, in the 2nd century in his attempted refutation of Christianity, (which Origen later rebutted) writes: “Jesus had come from a village in Judea, and was the son of a poor Jewess… [and] gave himself out to be a god.”
Lucian in the 2nd century criticized Christianity when he wrote: “they (the Christians) still worship, the man who was crucified in Palestine because he introduced this new cult to the world. Their first lawgiver persuaded them that they are all brothers...after they have thrown over and denied the gods of Greece and have done reverence to that crucified sophist himself and live according to his laws."
Sir, I can assure you Sarepis was not a Jew born in Palestine, nor was he crucified under Pontius Pilate, nor did Serapis worship reject “all worship of pagan gods” and I have countless other sources before the fourth century and Nicaea that give extremely detailed accounts of Jesus as well. The distinguished historian Michael Licona states “I’m not aware of a single widely-respected scholar in the world who holds the position that Jesus never existed.”

You stated in your Serapis lecture that Origin said nothing about Jesus. You haven’t read any of his writings. As I stated Origin wrote a classic apologetic against Celsus’ allegations that Jesus was born a bastard and that he studied sorcery in order to convince his followers that he was a god.
You later went on to grossly misrepresent the Niceane Creed:
“And those who say ‘there once was when he was not,’ and before he was begotten he was not,’ and that he came to be from things that were not, or from another hypostasis or substance, affirming that the Son of God is subjected to change or alteration these Catholic and Apostolic church anathematizes.”
The purpose of the Council of Nicaea was to formally establish whether or not Jesus and God the Father are equal (the deity of Christ had already been settled and was agreed on by all). A vote was held to settle the issue and only 3 out of 300 in the council voted that Jesus was not equal with God. This quote you mention has nothing to do with Serapis or the man Jesus being a mythological construct. It is an official Catholic codification of the agreed upon doctrine that Jesus is inextricable with God the Father and has always existed. Note the overtly ontological references in the creed; “and that he came to be from things that were not, or from another hypostasis or substance.”
You then demonstrate ignorance of the heretic Arius. Where are you getting such egregious sources? Arius never once argued that Jesus and Serapis were one and I should much like to press you for any primary substantiation on this. Arianism argues that Jesus was created from God the Father and thus had not eternally existed with God the Father. His arguments were in opposition to trinitarianism. You state that your evidence for this claim was burned by Constantine. If this is true then you can’t argue it as I’m sure both of us will agree. However, you are arguing it so what is your evidence?
I have many other problems with your work and I’m asking all this of you because you advised me in your tape to “do my own research and verify what you are telling me.” I hope you have the respect to reply to this letter. I recently wrote a twenty page article and produced an hour long documentary responding to Ashra Kwesi and he would never respond to any of my letters or articles even when I offered to pay him. I strongly feel that if you are willing to converse with me and look at the evidence you will come back to Christ and produce great fruit when/if you apologize for all these mistakes you have been teaching. Even if you don’t return to Christ is it not proper to publically admit and correct those mistakes which are evident (especially about various ancient gods) in your work. I eagerly await your sincere response.

-Benjamin Stanhope Aka 52Blades (youtube)

Dr. Valentine said...

@ Benjamin Stanhope


In brief:

I see that some of you dyed-in-the-wool "theo-psychotic" religionists infected with the psycho-virus of Christianity have found your way on to my Blog.

And judging by your rants related to the historicity of your death-cult, you STILL don't get the fact that your vaunted scholarship on the physical existence, historical "timetables", "characters" and "miracles" surrounding your 'Lord and slave-ior' Jesus Christ, are naught but the 2000 year sophistication, refinement and anthropomorphization of an ancient astrosophicly-based accounting of the Sun and it's yearly passage through the 12 celestial sentinels called the Zodiac.

And if your myopic range of intellect cannot see past the fabricated "twistery-as-history" propagated by the Roman state church through its education system regarding the warping of western "calenderical time", and the actual time frames when the science of astronomy had TRULY "originated", it makes no sense in even pursuing a discourse with you.

Your knowledge and understanding of the "HISTORY of the history" of western theology and world history, on the face of it, is infantile at best, and is reminiscent of a 'believer' who chooses to swim solely at scholastic depths that would accommodate his own shallow purview of doctrinal thinking.

At this point, for me to even carry on a decent conversation with you on this subject, you would need to expand your psycho-spiritual and intellectual range of cognizance beyond the constrictive parameters of "Christianized" history and thinking, which would free you to carry on a more insightful, intelligent discourse on a subject of higher science you obviously know nothing about.

So say what you wish about me not addressing your "points of contention", which in all probability you will do anyway. Call my choice not to indulge your ignorance whatever you wish.
For now, I choose to no longer supply precious energy, attention or time to the diatribe of yet another religious zealot. They are anal-retentive, close-minded and boorish, and the present world is awash with them at this time....

Dr. Valentine

Dr. Valentine said...

@ Bro. Warren

Thank you. Very insightful.

But keep digging. You must learn how the "con"-founding fathers of Christi-insanity deftly weaved their mythical "history of Christ" and fables of the bible into the legitimate fabrics of history. The blending of what the Catholic church came to identify as "Pious Frauds" with actual history became an art-form in the church, with the promise that the most imaginative scholars would be rewarded in heaven for "lying for the good of Christendom". Do a google on the words "Pious Fraud"...see for yourself.

Whenever a church promotes something as an "historic event" related to its beliefs and tenets, it is utilizing what is called "word of art". Their "history" is "mythic history" based on the ancient accounts of equinoctial celestial history, the stars' affect on the Earth at those times, and the historical figures that may or may not have lived during their accounting. These are all blended together to create an amalgamation of interfacing, interlocking streams of events that the church hides its true history and origins in.

My next work "Cosmic Codex-Book of the Earth" will show Christianity, in fact ALL religions up for what they truly are...SOPHISTICATED SUN WORSHIP!!!

Thanks for your input.

Dr. Valentine

Anonymous said...

Phil Valentine...

So you’re a bald-faced liar and can’t respond to a single objection I raised. I've been in contact with Edwin Yamauchi who has studied and been to Egypt much longer than you he is one of the highest credentialed scholars in the nation. He thinks you’re a nut case.
What of the Hindu texts? What of the Council of Nicaea? I don't have to go to Egypt to study these. What is your documentation for your claims regarding them? I have every bit the access to them as you.
Reference me any Egyptian text that indicates a virgin birth for Horus. Show me one depiction or image and I will have the atheist historian Richard Carrier examine it. There is nothing in Egypt that shows what you state. I refuted all of Kwesi's Egyptian tour videos in my documentary. You didn't learn your garbage from Egyptian study. You learned it from the likes of Freke, Gandy, and Massey. I know you did because you quote them verbatim. Please don’t insult me by bragging about how smart and initiated you are as a smokescreen for objectively answering my objections.

Ben Stanhope

Anonymous said...

You consider me a brainwashed tool of Christianity, however you appear to be Brainwashed by the likes of Madame Blavatsky,Acharya S, D. M. Murdock, Alister Crowley, Timiothy Freke, Peter Gandy

Your all into this New Age form of cult worshiping of yourselves, and are confusing the minds of the poor black people who were safe under the arms of Jesus Christ.

Christianity is not a european religion, infact the is evidence of it in Ethiopia long before it reached europe, infact some of your preachers call Jesus a black man.

How do you account for the Ethiopian Christians, who follow Jesus and beleive in the Trinity. How do you account for christ worship in North Africa.

Your web of lies will catch up to you, and the fact you tried to Jump past my questions proves it.

At the very least you should Apologise to your blind followers or listeners, and give your life back to Jesus, and Repent for your crimes against the teachings of Jesus your Saviour. Or are you too blinded by Alister Crowley and Madam Blavasky's teachings to ever come back to the TRUTH.

Ben Stanhope

The Oracle said...

I love how christians always want to blame everything on "Satan" if it doesn't agree with their premise.

"And forgive us our trespasses,as we forgive those who trespass against us."

forgive those who trespassed against(& enslaved) my ancestors in Afica & the Americas?

The cracker definetly wrote this madness!!Funny when your brainwashed over time the brainwasher no longer has to do the work. The brainwashed readily takes on the task for their master.

Mind control at its finest,long before the CIA's MKULTRA program.

Keep doing your thing Dr.Phil

Anonymous said...

Beloved Mighty warrior, Sun Star, Bro Star Dr. Phil Valentine.

I salute and bow to the Divine Truth/Reality in you.

Sometimes people do not realize that they are complimenting others and truly validating who others truly are, with remarks they send out that mean to hurt others. The comments sent out to Divine Critical thinkers by people who is using someone else's mind is not offending the one they send the comments to. It will hurt them more than the one they send the what suppose to be hurting messages. We must be aware of Demonic Messengers. Their comments whether they know it or not, elevates and levitates the conscious of the one they they attack. People in their Divine Right mind-set Knows the difference between that which is profane and that which is Divine.

As for this Ghetto Scholarship, I see it as a Divine Comment and it validates who you truly are Beloved Phil, a Divine Free Critical Thinker, non conformist to the man made concepts and ideas.

Many of these so called earthly/worldly degrees have blinded our people from seeing the Divine Truth/Reality, along with the profane parasite ego within. Religions is the Cancer in the people mind and it is eating all there senses. If we are not using our Divine free Critical minds, then whose minds are we using. The White mans religion is the Black man/people devil. When we are not lien holders of our own conscious the Land Lord gods on Space Ship Planet earth is the lien holders of the people minds.

I rather have a Ghetto Scholarship than have man made FoolarShip concepts and ideas.

Beloved Dr. Phil, continue to shine like the noon day Sun without a cloud in the sky. May the Divine truth/Reality continues to tap into the Sinew in the root of your strength.

Divine Respect to and for you Dr. Phil.


Universal Divine Being Isis said...


Common Sense reveals to us the below.

Research on religion and serious mental illness
Harold G. Koenig 1, David B. Larson 2, Andrew J. Weaver 3
1Associate professor of psychiatry and director of the Center for the Study of Religion/Spirituality and Health, Duke University Medical Center; Durham, North Carolina
2President of the National Institute for Healthcare Research in Rockville, Maryland, and adjunct professor of psychiatry, Duke University Medical Center
3Clinical psychologist at the Hawaii State Hospital and a member of the clinical faculty, Department of Psychology, University of Hawaii, Kaneohe

According to this review, religion plays a largely positive role in mental health; future research on severe mental disorders should include religious factors more directly.
"Revealed" Religions and Mental Illness
"Revealed" Religions and Mental Illness-God gave Us reason, not religion

Mental health is a very important and required element for a productive, progressive and happy life. The false claims made by the various "revealed" religions, especially when introduced at an early age, cause much mental anguish and pain to individuals which then has a great potential to have a negative effect on society in general.

Read more
Religion is a mental Illness


Universal Divine Being Isis said...

Religion is a widespread mental illness, of which the defining feature is delusional belief in a powerful invisible being or beings who is/are always watching you and will punish you if you don't follow his/her/their will. (The paranoid delusions found in schizophrenia are often remarkably similar). The illness comes in various strains, of which the most severe is IslamChristianity, symptoms of which include virulent antisemitism and homophobia. Almost matching in severity is scientology, the system in which aliens blew up a volcano, creating life. People not afflicted by religion are called atheists, and they can be identified by their ability and willingness to use rational thought, unless they don't (see Communism).

Religion is the most common infection in the world, with over 90% of the populace infected with one or another strain. Religion is usually brought on by infection by the group VI Fatal Anginal-Infective Transcribing Hepatitis virus more often known by the acronym FAITH. Symptoms involve believing something that is not only unproven but also outrageously illogical simply because someone (or occasionally a book), somewhere, says it's true. In this respect, faith can be considered the chronic form of the lesser mental disorder gullibility. For synonyms, see How To Make a Million Dollars. The official catch phrase of religion is "Give us your money, and you will have a good afterlife!", known to critics as the "Pie In The Sky" allegory.

Other symptoms involve donation of money to televangelists, participation in holy wars, a feeling of superiority, paraphilic fetishes towards guilt, lack of sense of humor, and spontaneous combustion.

It is commonly believed that religion is also able to manipulate one's personality/point of view in such a way that the infected individual believes, and often inflicts upon others, the idea that masturbation is evil, and that homosexuals are pure, undiluted evil and deserve no rights (see Christian logic). People infected with religion seem to have an addiction to being pedophiles who are members of the priesthood. God doesn't exist.

Universal Divine Being Isis said...

Clinical basis to religion's role
Psychiatrists acknowledge that a mentally ill patient's strong religious beliefs can provide a solid platform for therapy.

This is because much therapy will begin with something the patient holds as certain and building from there.
Religion Is Mental Illness? - The Atheist Experience
Religion - a Problem and Opportunity for Mental Illness
Religious Fundamentalism As Mental Illness
Take Dr. Madalyn Murray O' Hair, for example. This atheism activist has vanished after years of death threats from "Good Christians" who wanted her dead because of her involvement in the fight against religious indoctrination in public schools. All of this despite her living in a country whose Constitution guarantees free speech and (in theory, although you wouldn't think so from Mississippi's judges or Tennessee's state legislature) guarantees that the government will not take one side or the other in the matter of religion.
Spirituality and Religion in Recovery From Mental Illness
Much more on Religion and Mental Illness
"Condemnation Without Investigation Is The Height Of Ignorance" Albert Einstein
"Believing" without thinking is criminal" (osiris)

One can not reason with religious people (Osiris)

Universal Divine Being Isis said...

FAITH: NON Divine Free Critical Thinkers

Quote: "Faith is making a virtue out of not thinking." - Bill Maher (creator of the movie "Religulous"), More specifically, it is a widespread and contagious mental illness with over 90% of the world's population infected with 1 or another of its many strains. Religion is usually brought on by infection by the group VI 'Facile And Ignorant Thinking Habits' virus more often known by the acronym FAITH.

Faith: Borrowed belief in spite of the facts. 2) denial of epistemological principles. 3) the product-result when all reason leads to absurdity. (Religious faith cannot be positively achieved--only doubts destroyed, because faith comes negatively and happens when there is no reasoning). (Dr. Blynd, Funktionary)

Who do we hear in high places always talking about beleive/believe? They are your enemeis and when we speak beleive/belief we are our own enemies.

Osho: Anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy
"Anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy, because the belief system becomes the barrier for your eyes: you cannot see the truth. The very desire to find the truth disappears. But if all your belief systems are taken away from you, in the beginning certainly, it is bitter. I know the fear, the anxiety, that will surface immediately which you have been suppressing for millenia. But it is there, very alive, no God can destroy it. Only the search for truth and the experience of truth, NOT a belief is capable to heal all your wounds. To make you a whole being, and the whole person is the holy person to me."


Belief: Belief is something fixed, static, stagnant, frozen-a conclusion we have reached (albeit not on our own). Once we believe something, we shut the door to everything outside of, or opposed to, that belief and stop inquiring or questioning. (Dr. Blynd, Funktionary) . To get a copy of Funktionary, contact Dr. Blynd at:

HOPE: Hope keeps you focused on the illusionary future, and this persistent focus perpetuates your denial of the Now (present moment) resulting in your unhappiness. The secret attempts. The feeling you got that the feeling you got ain't permanent. (Dr. Blynd, Funktionary)

HOPE: Is a meaningless emotion because its fruits are always in the future and, by definition, never in the NOW.(David Icke)

HOPE : Is like riding a carousel horse; no matter how fast you go you never get closer to the one in front. The idea, however, is to persuade you to stay on the horse, despite the evitable disappointment, in the 'hope' that things will change. But they don't because the very system is designed to prevent it.(David Icke)

Universal Divine Being Isis said...

OUR PEOPLE NEED MORE THAN BELIEF, FAITH, HOPE AND PRAYER. They need to return to thir once Divine right Origial mind, vice worshiping and praying for and to those who stole our people Divine original right mind-set. To not make efforts to restore our Divine original mind-set we see a people who do not value life, and are DISRESPECTFUL, self haters. Sounds like the Devil motto: Anti nature, anti-life, anti-Divine truth/Reality, workers of iniquites (evil). is there another explanation for them, please pass it onto us.

A free Thinker is one who does not allow the Mind to be enclosed and restricted by Terms and their definition, a free Thinke explore beyond all limitations in order to experience the Freedom of divine Thought.

A friend of mind said: IT Is Hard to Be Hardheaded. Did she mean it is hard to open our Divine minds eye that reveal what is and what is not? What type of mind-set is that?

Can Superstitious people be trusted to lead and guide people?

By watching this short video, you will be able to prove to yourself that the belief in prayer is a superstition. Every answered prayer is a coincidence, nothing more. Let's start by understanding how superstitions work.

"Dear God, please help me to roll six sixes. I have faith that you will answer my prayer as you promise in the Bible. In Jesus' name I pray, amen."

And you roll the dice.

What do you suppose is going to happen? If you are a normal, intelligent person, you know what will happen. Nothing. You will not roll six sixes any more often than normal if you pray.

We can scientifically prove this. We can roll the dice thousands of times, praying to God each time. We find that prayer has no effect on the dice whatsoever.

Any intelligent person can see what is happening here. The prayer has exactly the same effect as the horseshoe. That's because the belief in prayer is a superstition, just like the belief in lucky horseshoes.

Understanding example 1

A superstitious person who believes in prayer cannot see that prayers and horseshoes are identical. Instead, a superstitious person clings to the superstition and creates excuses to explain why it does not work.

Instead of making excuses for the superstition, Here is the imporant thing to understand: Prayer has exactly the same effect as a horseshoe.

Anonymous said...

"Critical thinking skills allow people to become aware of hierarchal levels of thought, which gives them the capacity to assume greater control over their lives. The three essential levelsof cognitive thought are:

The Literal: where one learns to accept all information at face value and never looks beneath the surface for additional details.

The Inferential: where one learns to infer or "read between the lines," and sees the hidden or dual meaning in information that is presented.

The Evaluative: where one learns to make an intelligent decision based upon the comparison of various sources of information, particularly those drawn from one's own per­sonal experiences.

The objective of critical thinking is to learn how not to take all information literally, to read between the lines for deeper understanding and then evaluate that information by compar­ing it with other sources of knowledge. This process expands one's mind and opens up new vistas for learning. It is the means by which one may be resurrected from mental death and experience a profound rebirth of consciousness."

Knowing is all Natural, because it require you to Think and to formulate those thoughts with the process of empirical reasoning using profound logic, which lead to a reasonable rational conclusion about those things being Thought about. (Osiris)/Common Sense

Knowing require the check and balance of those things being thought about, which in term reveal the Harmony, Order and Balance of such Mental action, which will verify the Truth and Reality of the Matter in question or thought about. (Osiris)/Common Sense

"Condemnation Without Investigation Is The Height Of Ignorance" Albert Einstein
"Believing" without thinking is criminal" unknown

If one is not questioning everything in today's world, that can be very dangerous indeed. (Ngone)

When a wise person speaks, they have something to say. (Osiris/Ancestors/Common Sense)

When a foolish person speaks, they just want to say something. (Osiris/Ancestors/Common sense)

Anonymous said...

Sister Myesha;
First; you are asking me throughout your comments if I "believe" in this or that. I do not "believe" when it comes to exploring the spiritual sciences, I endeavor to "know".
"Believing" without thinking is criminal" Osiris

Thank Divine Free Critical thinker Bro Star Dr. Phil for the above.

I Subscribe to what beloved Sun Star, bro Star stated above, and I go further to say a quote from bro Star Hotae. I Know what i know, i do not know what i do not know and I (believe) nothing.

"Condemnation Without Investigation Is The Height Of Ignorance" Albert Einstein

If one is not questioning everything in today's world, that can be very dangerous indeed. (Ngone)

When a wise person speaks, they have something to say. (Osiris/Ancestors/Common Sense)

When a foolish person speaks, they just want to say something. (Osiris/Ancestors/Common sense)

Dr. Valentine said...

Thank you all for your comments. Unfortunately, I cannot respond in the manner I would like at this time. I am very busy preparing for a lecture that co-incidentally, covers much of what has been mentioned here. I hope to have some time by the end of the month.

Again, thank you all for taking the time to contribute to my blog.


beshakim/wali said...

Peace and love!I just want too thank you for taking the time to give us that important information that we need in our life.
I was in religion for years and now,finally I am saved.My mind and spirit are free from the programs that our enemies had laid out for our people.I'm a free and critical thinker that loves love,life and The Creator's creation.
So my brother,thank you for everything that you did and are doing for me.I say me cause bet you dollar that i take what you say seriously and learn from each video i come across.Also,i will teach others and strive too add on too the movement of development of our people....Thank you,may you and your family be bless.

Dr. Valentine said...

Thank you Beshakim for your kind attention and appreciation of the work. We need brothers and sisters like you out there helping to awaken our sleeping people. Be "blissed" and keep up the good work... :)

Dr. Valentine said...

And to "Anonymous", "Oracle" and "Universal Divine Being Isis"; thank you for your magnanimity and patience in dealing with the unbridled ignorance exhibited by yet another 'theo-psychotic' believer spreading the virulence of 'blind religious faith'...

Anonymous said...

Dr. Valentine,

What is your position on on "enlightened" men such as yourself knowingly infecting young girls with herpes? Does the "path of the hidden light" include a detour down the road of such depraved actions?



michael said...

Brother Phil, I thank you and the ancients for your teachings. They are really needed in times such as these. Don't give thought to what I call haters. I don't feel you have a point to prove to them. Continue on dear brother.

Otto Lund said...

Thank you Mr Phil Valentine for this presentation, THE MATRIX, MELANIN, THE BLACK DOT AND MIND CONTROL DR PHIL VALENTINE. To other readers, don't miss that presentation

I wish you and yours, and all blog readers, a nice summer season


Falcons' CAFE

Dr. Valentine said...

@ Otto and Michael;

Thank you for your kind words of support. I haven't been able to respond to my blog for a few months because I am steadfast in my resolve to complete the next 2 books in my "Regenesis Chronicles". Intense research has monopolized virtually all of my free time. But believe me beloved Michael, I'll have more than a few choice words for provocateurs like "Karma" who do nothing but spew venom and have nothing positive to add to the intelligence-index of our planet.

So stay strong and committed to enlightenment beloved family. Be back soon.

In Light,
Dr. Valentine

Ben Stanhope said...

I'm the real Ben Stanhope. The above posts were not posted by me and contain syntax I would never use. They are copied and pasted from my conversation with Ray Hagins on my blog and I cannot be held responsible for whoever posted them under my name. I apologize to you Mr. Valentine for any misunderstanding. I'm currently working on a paper critiquing your lectures and I would never attempt to misrepresent your arguments or work as the person impersonating me above obviously did.

Dr. Valentine said...

@ Mr Stanhope;


You must have a few of the more aggressive provocateurs buzzing around your own circle. That's unfortunate. Such people degrade the essence and purpose of such forums...

astral surfer said...


As a native of the Bahamas it brings me great joy and sheer gratitude for your guidance,vision,and none egocentric motives which ushered me into a path of intergalactic first encounter with your teachings was in 2000 where my consort at that time thought i was dabbling in the work of the devil lol.with that said I thank you and hope you continue feeding the masses that are awake and spark a train of thought in those now placing those pieces together.consciously, it's a wreck here mentally as many are followers and not leaders.

Dr. Valentine said...

@Astral Surfer;

Humble thanks for your kind and generous words. Forward to Light...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dr. Valentine,

I am 44 years of age in this physical plane that I'm currently existing in. I thank the Gods and Goddesses for revealing you to me. I was always a spiritual person and have had many visions and dreams that have blown me away. One day if I ever get to meet you, I'll share them with you. I am an indigenous person with Taino and African blood by way of the island of so-called Puerto Rico. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. I moved to Pennsylvania 2 years ago. My reason for moving is because I was just tired of living in a big city where my children weren't safe. To make a long story short, I discovered your teachings and you have confirmed what I knew in my heart all along. My only dilemna is that I moved into a majority caucasian community. I'm a married man with 4 wonderful children. My wife is of Inca descent by way of Ecuador. Although I live in a caucasian community my children still have friends who have melanin by way of camps and schools. I am constantly gaining new knowledge about who I am and because of that I feel like I don't belong here in this community. I am contemplating on packing my bags, selling my home, and moving. I need some spiritual consultation. Is there anyway of contacting you via telephone, e-mail, etc.?

Dr. Valentine said...

@Bro. Ruphos:

Yes we do provide psycho-spiritual and personal consultation services. You can call our office at 386.456.9279 to make an appointment. They range from marriage counseling to personal improvement dialectics; all of which fall under the heading of a service we provide called "Affinity"... said...

hotep.when a lie is told it destroys hotep.a lie told is a trained behavior. it feeds off the energy of the living to try an raise that which is dead an void of a soul.The truth can stand by it's self with no supports an we take that which is true from the truth an allow it to fight battles as we reserve or energy to know ourselves..bro phil you have educated to the truth words can not say what mind thinks about your

Dr. Valentine said...

@Mr.Int; Thank you. Appreciate the kind sentiment...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dr. Valentine,

Peace and blessings to you. How spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally detrimental is it for a person with melanin to live in a caucasian community? How can it affect younger melanated children? This is a follow up question to my previous post.

Dr. Valentine said...

@RuphosTehutiRa; It depends on who or what their predominant influences are, and what the parents are prepared to do to off-set any over-riding influences that may be detrimental to their sense of phylogenetic self-identity...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Valentine for waking me up from this illusion. This metaphysical knowledge that I'm continually learning on a daily basis will not be in vain and is being transferred over to my children. My children will be the blessed recipients of this metaphysical wisdom. I look forward to connecting with you in the future. Peace and Blessings.

Dr. Valentine said...

You're most welcome...

Monique said...

Hello Dr Valentine,
This has nothing to do with your post but I have been listening to some of your dvd's nd was blown away as I have been on a spiritual journey. I have come to a point where I have been studying with Israelite's and discussing Yahweh's status. According to my overstanding and reading the bible, I can see that Yahweh bis not the most high but something or someone else. I was wondering if you could elaborate on this for me.

Chaosnature said...

To All,

Phil Review these articles and lets discuss if possible...ONE

The Relationship Between “Junk DNA” and Love:

The Topic of Homosexuality:

The Metaphysics of Human Experience:

It Is Not Cos You Have Eyes That's Why You Can See,
It Is Cos You Can See That's Why You Have Eyes.

Chaos By Nature (UK - London)

Anonymous said...

i would like to share this, i was round a friends house they were talking about a documentry they watched to night before dr phil valentine, about the people spray something in the air to kill people, 2 days latter in usa 2,000 birds just fall out of the sky n die!!!!!
dr phil i am reading up about you and you are remarkably right...

Anonymous said...

Phil, you mentioned on your video about Black Dot the metaphor of Aladin...Din as you said referred to disonance, but also in the context of Alah and Din it means Religion (Din in Arabic)...religion is to "religare" to unite...

Dr. Valentine said...

@Sister Monique; In the legends, the one called "Yahweh" was actually a lesser war god who rose in the ranks to become the "Over-God". I suggest you acquire a little known book entitled "Oahspe". In it you will find the alleged "Gospel of Yahweh" there in Chapter 1 entitled "Book of the Creation of Man". But as with all things "religious" or "historical", because a European wrote it, make sure to do your own due diligence and research to verify what you read...

Dr. Valentine said...

@Chaosnature; You don't ask for much, do you. :-D. Unfortunately, I am presently in the throes of completing my next book, so I'm taking time to address questions best served by short answers. You should put this question to the forum and see what the other participants would contribute...

Dr. Valentine said...

@Sis. Barbara; Thank you for that other perspective...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Valentine,
I watched some of your teachings on youtube! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world in this great time of change! Here the last video clip of Kanye West and Katie perry about ET, I believe that there are many hidden messages to decode! can you please talk about it and share on youtube! im very interested to listen to your explanation! Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Valentine,
I watched some of your teaching on youtube! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world in this great time of change! Here the last video clip of Kanye West and Katie perry about ET, I believe that there are many hidden messages to decode! can you please talk about it and share on youtube! im very interested to listen to your explanation! Thank you very much

Sennaya Swamy said...

Nice article to be noted in my dairy

Jenay said...

Dr. Valentine,

First, let me thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and bestowing your wisdom and great knowledge upon myself and many others. My journey of spiritual awakening, I believe has been occurring my entire life, 29 years, but didn't fully take shape until about 2001. I asked the creator to help guide me on the path of the hidden light and I believe that I have been on it ever since. I have been doing a great deal of research and have a few quick questions.

Where can I purchase all of your books? I purchased Wounded Womb a few months ago from Lulu and I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the wisdom that you dropped in the book and I am looking forward to reading your other books as well.

Also, I have viewed some on your lectures on Youtube and have listened to the numerous radio shows on Blogtalkradio that featured you as a guest and on more than on occasion I have heard you and some others mention something about the Nubian Agenda. What it that? What books, DVD’s , etc. should I find in order to overstand it . From my limited research on the "topic" I heard you mention something about a tape series from a lecturer and few years back and was wondering if you could direct me to that. Also, I was wondering if you knew anything about a book by Dr. Uche Akwuba entitled the Nubian Agenda, and is it the same thing that the “conscious community” is referring to?

I have many more questions, but those to me are the most pressing right now. Once again I thank you for being a truly wonderful and gifted master teacher and I look forward to seeing and hearing about more of your work and many blessings. Thank you.


James Pitts said...

One of the main reasons for the reprisal by our religious sisters and brothers is due to a feeling of being tricked. It is very difficult to admit to onself that the faith that we beleive so deeply in is far more of our own doings and less of some unseen outside entity. It was also the belief of our parents and grandparents, and to deny that faith is a sign of disrespect for them. it reminds me of some of the so called whites who defend racism simply because that was the way they were raised. We must all admit that we utilize the best information that we have at a particular time to make the best sense of the situation at hand. We quite often must grow up and admit when we were either wrong on simply misled. At one point in history we all would have been convinced that the earth was flat. We must all admit that after just basic investigation (the information is now available) we find the predominent religions were muliptulative and self serving to say the least. They continue even as we speak to change in order to get what they need from the masses who are unwilling to seek out reality for themselves. Furthermore giving up our old belief systems requires the task of seeking out our internal god, spirituality and who we really are. This in itself can be scarier than the threat of Satan and Hell fire itself.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Valentine you are great!!!!

wali hayden said...

Peace! Phil i love your work on religion,the way you bring out the truth.Thank you

PhilFree said...

Dr. Valentine,

I have recently seen some light and uncovered some truth about the world and this was before watching any of your videos or reading any of your posts. I found it astonishing that everything that was going through my mind, you was saying in your videos. I am now on a path to set my mind free if this is even possible at this point in life.
I do have some questions;

What can I do with this knowledge?

How can I purify my mind if I cannot escape the illusion around me? Because like most I depend on the illusion.

Will you inform us on what we must do? or are we all doomed to go back to our Truman Show like lives until we die and our children too become infected until the black race becomes history..

Your response would be much appreciated.
Also looking forward to reading your book(s).

annoymous said...


I am a college student that has been seeking knowledge since well into my high school years. I have been searching for your books and have a financial hardship as i also have a son. I have exhausted all options concerning libraries and other brothers and sisters i know on their own spiritual journey. I am not seeking a hand out, but information regarding any sites or publications that offer a discounted or payment plan for The Wounded Womb. I have read many reviews about this book and would like to get a hold of it. I also would like to get information regarding booking and lectures as I am interested in bringing you to my school. Love for all you do...

The student

Dr. Valentine said...

@"The Student";
Here are some sites that may help in your quest for higher metaphysical knowledge. The first like is for ordering a catelogue with extensive works on the subject from a company called "Health Research" The link is
Also there are other sites that are mostly based in European interpretations of African cosmological sciences and mystic folklore. Try, and the works of Hilton Hotema

annoymous said...

Dr. Valentine,

Thank you for the above resources. I will be ordering the catalog as well as checking out some Hilton Hotema text. Where can I find the Wounded Womb? Also, what is your advice on Public Education for a parent who has not the time nor money to fully home educate while living in this system?

Dr. Valentine said...

For "The Wounded Womb",log on to
Regarding your request for information on educating your child aside from home or public schooling ...I'm afraid it would be difficult to answer such a question to complete satisfaction, except to say that if your child is in public school now, you or your wife/husband MUST dedicate time to "debrief" your child/children when they return home everyday. You must remain ever-vigilant of what they are being taught, and be prepared to recognize the mental "trojans" and "viruses" that their teachers may be downloading into their minds.

annoymous said...

Dr. Valentine,

Thank you for all of your timely responses. One more question. How does nutrition deal with higher consciousness?

Dr. Valentine said...

Healthy cells transduce and thus reconfigure balanced Geo-cosmic frequencies throughout the body as "health". That said, you should consider taking Juice Plus+ as a vital support nutrient essential for optimal health for you and your family. Log on to and click the "resources" button. When the page opens, scroll down and view the 15 minute video entitled "The Whole Truth" Shm m Htp

Dr. Valentine said...

And if you are interested and decide to purchase and become a member of my 'Juice Plus+ Family', I can sponsor a child of your choice who is 4 years of age or older with free Juice Plus+ for up to 3 years. Just call 800.847.1291 and leave a contact number. Htp

annoymous said...

Dr. Valentine,

Does Juice Plus+ act as a replacement for proper nutrition or should it be conjugated with a an electric diet? My child is only one at the time. What can I do to ensure proper nutrition for his consciousness.

Dr. Valentine said...

Juice Plus+ is not a replacement but a 'compliment' to good eating habits. Even if you are eating organic produce, 8 times out of 10 they do not attain their highest potential for nutrient content, because most of the time they are picked before they are ripened. Juice Plus+ contains only "vine-ripened", non-GMO and pesticide-free fruits, vegetables and berries. Look at the video for details...

Dr. Valentine said...

If you wish a consultation for you child, then call the above-mentioned number for details...

annoymous said...

Dr. Valentine

Once again, thank you for the teachings and information. Most importantly your accessibility is most greatly appreciated. HTP

The Oracle said...

Brother Cokely as passed on after recently coming out of a 8 day coma earlier in the year.

RIP Steve Cokely 6/17/55 - 4/11/12

last interview....

Derange said...

Dr. Valentine I appreciate everything youve done. Its obvious that you work very hard at injecting reality into the minds of your brothers. The edification I get from your intelligence and eloquence is unmatched!


Anonymous said...

You are so refreshingly awake and yes I agree with you that religion is a mechanism to safely carry the information through time for us now who stand at the turning point. I wrote an article about this called "Carved in Stone" on my pages in blogspot, I am really glad I found your blog.

I was looking for a way to tell you after just watching a video of yours on YouTube, that I have embedded it as a post at this place

Dr. Valentine said...


Thank you for your kind and supportive words. You have a great site. Keep up the good work...

Dr. Valentine said...


Thank you for your kind and supportive words. You have a great site. Keep up the good work...

Dr. Valentine said...


Thank you for your kind and supportive words. You have a great site. Keep up the good work...

nefer khare setepenre said...

Allot of times I couldn't really put in words what came to me after listening to you, Dr. M. york, Dr. Blair,Dr. j h. Clarke etc.

I don't really know what the outcome of this spiraling up and down is about, but what I gathered from you is that, there are variations of degrees in consciousness,and although we are human, there are variations to the theme.

That the apparent diversity in the visage of humanity, are; incarnations of the various degrees of consciousness.

What I mean by this is that, the spirit choose the Caucasoid for the expression of a certain degree of consciousness, or frame and point of reference.

To me he seems to be the only component of humanity that seemed to be estranged to this body of the flesh, the planet, and the cosmos as a whole. He seems to be the only one alienated, and in his attempt to find his place in the world, like a child, causes chaos, and by his interfacing with "us", the melaninated people of the world, he learns what the attributes of spirit is.

It seems to me that the spiritual archetypical world incarnated and developed an artificial intelligence through time and became addicted to form (consciousness trapped in matter)and in response to this forgetfulness, the white man who was fully form alone, who was void of spirit to a certain degree, was the tool used by nature to restore their remembrance and point them to the spirit again by causing them pain and suffering, while the white man attempted to know himself and the world that surrounds him.

I don't know if you would agree with me, but to me all we are, are messengers, consciousness, incarnated as flesh or cells that have an heighten sense of self awareness without the awareness of the functions of being. TO me the black man is the immune system of this sentient planet and our central bases that were set up in middle earth (Mediterranean) were destroyed to accommodate a cosmic planetary change. I never seen a scab indefinitely stay in existence. I would say, that I don't know if its the humanoid form or the form of the planet that's going to change, if the planet is in a healing or dieing process , but I do know that a change is going to take place whether were aware or not.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about religion being a man made tool. I think it's original use was to preserve information over time. I have written about this in my page called "Carved in Stone". I'd like to invite you to view my (non profit) blog it's called "To Be Continued..." and is at

Dr. Valentine said...


My beloved extended family members who participate in this forum... THANK YOU! At this time there are great things in the works here at the University of Kemetian Sciences. For example, if you are a frequent contributor to this forum, you may have noticed that the design of our blog-space has changed significantly, and we have the incredible talents of our beloved Brother Darius to thank for that. We would also like to thank his beautiful queen Dana for her invaluable work as our head administrator. They have both been divine "blissings" to us and our endeavors here at 'University central'.

For those asking for updates regarding the progress of my books "Cosmic Codex" and The Arcanum Hygienum"; all I can say at this time is that these projects are moving forward 'slowly but surely' - but thankfully, they ARE moving forward. :)

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Dr. Valentine

Ptah said...

Dr. Valentine,

I have been listening and analyzing your messages for a few years now without bias. I found out about your lectures after spending time with a Kemetic Magician who introduced me to some knowledge.
I feel I should tell you a little about myself so that you can get a read on me. I was born in what is now known as Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. From the age of 8 years old I began questioning my religion teachers, to which they responded "just have faith". I have been agnostic since then, however, I've always believed in a creator or source. Through simple logical deduction this conclusion was quite obvious, even for an 8 year old..

I have also been having visions in dreams that actually happen at a later time in my life. These visions occur in 'real life' in the same order that I dream them. However, they can be years apart. There are many other aspects about me that have kept me on this path, despite my North American upbringing.

Anyway, I have a couple of questions here. I would send you my most godlike intentions of peace and wisdom if you would be so kind to provide a response.

Reality is an illusion, it has been created by a creator, and everything is connected as one consciousness experiencing itself as many. However, there are polarities within the manifestation of this creator consciousness. The 'White man'/'Caucasian' being the polarity of the 'African', do they have to be at war with each other to maintain the balance? If I am kind and nice to members of the white race, does this empower the parasitic elite's agenda? Can I kill them with kindness, or will I just be letting them vamp my energy. In all of the lectures I could afford to see (on youtube), there is no mention of how to interact with the white man. Please clarify, if possible, what is the best approach when interacting with this energy entity? Is there a difference in the way their souls interact with their mind/body/spirit complex? Why are they the way they are in the first place?

I have so many questions but for now I would really like to know, with the above questions in mind, what the most mutually beneficial approach would be when dealing with these types of interaction, in your opinion, considering that the entire planet needs to evolve.

Thank you. Please feel free to respond here on your blog, send me an Email at, or both.


Lynette Ayers said...

Dr. Phil Valentine,

I have just recently started watching and listening to your teachings, along with many others (Yaffa Bey, Anthony T. Browder, Dr. Booker T Coleman, etc). I am a recently converted muslim (July 2012), but after absorbing what I have absorb thus far I want to know more and learn why I'm here as well as my children. I have to say my husband started us on this great journey of knowledge, and I'm so thankful that I have a strong man to stand up instead of sit back and stay brainwashed.

I have some questions about this book, The Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, that I saw on a particular DVD that we just watched where you introduced a young man that had just recently been released from prison two weeks prior. The DVD was called "Voyage", I think.

Could you please email us or give us a call at: or

Thank you in advance my brother!
-Lynette Ayers

Lynette Ayers said...
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Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to attend a seminar. You are an inspiration to me. May our divine universal creator be with us all. PEACE!

Anonymous said...

Dr Phil, My name is Dr. Cisse, my egyptian name is Ahmes , a former high priest of the first circle of mysteries of Wa'set (Temple of karnak). In my language wolof from Senegal, wax means to speak and set mean clean, proper.

I think that like we do in africa and chancellor williams , John henrik clark have been adept of this african tradition, When you want to convince your assembly, you need to use persuasive words , courtesy , perseverance and respect to address your thoughts. any attempt to minimize them can seriously lead most of those who study their history to turn their back and they are among those who can be lost.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to analyze seriously your theories as it seems that most of those who adhere and accept your theories are not aware about the egyptian and African mysteries and their extent in Indus valley and eastern Asia. First able, we all agree about the importance of what we called in history, the historical contiguity that has conduced Kemet to extend its geographical boundaries and by the same way the spiritual influences on Indus valley. The blacks Egyptian priests are responsible of the great civilization of the Mohenjo daro where they have been fought by the Aryans something like 1500 Before era zero. it's like this that the spiritual conception of the africans (First vehicle) met the second vehicle (vedas) of the white aryans, and gave finally birth to Buddhism. remark the first vehicle is characterized by the incantations called dyani budha. It 's a kind of zikr used since the 7 century by the muslim sufis. and the root of the sufis is very deep in Africa. Historically the Holy Prophet Muhamad is a black man and all its forefathers are also blacks. this is an historical fact . There 120 000 pages of bibliography on this matter. the Journal of African civilizations made as well a point on this matter. The first 4 caliphs are all adams fromn the first degree, I mean blacks as well as the term adam in proto-hebrew and proto aramic hjave the same root and mean black.

Anonymous said...

In fact the history of spirituality has been following the same stream since 45000 years with the establishment of the first blacks on the River Nile following the desertification of the Sahara. It’s why it’s very important to study the history of religions in their direct link with the history of Kemet. Because nobody can separate this history in its different branchs from the history of Kemet. KEMET is at the crossroads. All the significant episodes relating the acts and facts of most of the major Hebrew prophets have been recorded and related by the Egyptian priests. The history of Abraham, Joseph, Moses , Jesus have been recorded and those who want to study deeply can consult the Book of the Doors and the Cartouches let by the Paroahs of Kemet. The name of Jesus in ancient hieroglyphs is Ker Sekheta given by contract the Annointed. He seems that Her the son of Awsait (Isis) and Jesus are the same. It’s why the Cult of Isis has its traces everywhere in Europe. I hope we will have the time to develop this subject one day.

Anonymous said...

Having said that the Kuran and the Bible are copies of the books of Shiva and Maani is a historical counter truth. It just mean that the author has not practiced the zikr of sufis or dyanis budhas and doesn’t know the sense of the projection and annihilation of the Divine Reality though the immersion

I’m a proud African of Senegal that has got the privilege to be educated in the thought of the great thinker Cheikh Anta Diop. I have been initiated by the great spiritual sufi masters of Senegal. For not going far, we know perfectly the rotation and the transcendence of the Divine Light in man. The history of spirituality is one from Kemet to Islam passing by Hebrew faith and Christianity. Those who will make the independent research will discover by themselves the truth, being guided by the Light experienced by our forefathers since 30000 years. It’s why the Sufi way has been the basis of the African resistance in Senegal against the colonial penetration. We remember , Maodo malick Sy, Cheikh Ahnmadou Bamba, Almamy samory Ture, Cheikh Umar Futiyu Tall etc

Anonymous said...

We understand perfectly the difficult experience of our African brothers in America since the slavery era. Yes the history has been faked for reasons we know, because we are the initial project of The Lord and black is the color of all origins, but we cannot accept certain dogmas which have vreated a lot of damages in the black consciousness because their essence is based on epidermic reaction refined at the highest level on the form of so called knowledge.

Dr. Cisse Issa

Anonymous said...

what is it with all the about black people, why does he not know that there r otheR race out there, HELLO.. he must still be mind controlled!!!!! and women and men are different but equal, EVERYONE IS EQUAL!!!!, IF YER GONNA SPEAK TRUTH DO IT, WE R ALL EQUAL,

Andrene Evans said...

Hello Dr. Valentine,
I'm not sure if you remember me but I asked you a few months ago about being able to see telepathy. It seems as though money runs from me, I can't at all pay for the tuition. I was wondering if you knew how I could over come that. I want to study the science but, I can't get a break. It's like everyone around me, is against my spiritual progression. It's like I'm in a different world from everyone else and I feel attacked and alone. I need some advice please.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Knowledge Book:
(U.S site); main Foundation in Turkey:
Greets and Love to all, Rick (London, UK)

Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Valentine,

I have been following your studies for the last several months and I have a few questions for you. First and for most, I would love to thank you for enhancing my level of universal consciousness. I have always been one to think outside the box giving me the ability to see. Well I don't want to consume you with my life story so here it is. Dr. Valentine what are you teaching now? Where are you? I can not find any teachings after August of 2012.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Valentine

I posted the comment previously and I also want to know what books you would recommend for my children to read.

Kedrick Trotty said...

Dr phil valentine, I have recently become aware of you and your teachings and it has been a great awakening for me, however I am married to a Caucasian woman and it is a little different now with my new way of thinking. I love her so obviously I won't just divorce her but could you give advice for this situation

Wolfie said...

I was wondered what the actual jig was... juice+ eh? and supporting a cause, and 'educational' courses. I get it now.

Anonymous said...

Most respected and beloved Dr Valentine,

Words cannot describe the effect of your words upon my mind and heart -- as though they had been inscribed there since millenia, and now the gratitude of recognition is mine. It is not in the ability of my present consciousness to write or speak them myself, yet I know the breadth and depth of your words and what lies behind and beyond.

I am a sexagenarian, Caucasian woman. Not born in the United States, but in a culture once referred to as "the white niggers of america." Plus, I have vitiligo! So you see, I am wanting to affiliate myself (with humor) as closely as possible to your race, as well as to the brown and red races/cultures for which I've a natural affinity and profound love.

Please do not discard us wholesale, for some of us have "fallen through the cracks" so to speak, and join you and yours in spirit, and in expression in this life and body, our faulty dna notwithstading. I am an autodidact and have signed no contracts with society. Listening to you, I feel the high connection of one finding her tribe after a long intellectual differentness.

Among many other things, your take on the educational system blows me away for its unfortunate accuracy and its echoing of what I've sensed and known since very young.

Thank you for your amazing self. I love the loud and expletive passion of your earlier years, it's absolutely wonderful; and the kindness in your voice of recent years, especially when speaking of women.

Dr, Valentine said...

Greetings and Salutations "Anonymous"

Thank you for your kind and generous sentiments. Truly heart-felt. Happy to have been of humble service. In this, the month we honor women, I am bringing attention to my work written for women entitled "The Wounded Womb". Please consider appropriating a copy. Once again...humble thanks for reaching out. Love, Light, and Transcendence...

9 ETHER said...

The honor is mine. What has to happen first before we can collectively "reclaim the Pyramids" (Dr. Funkenstein.)
Seriously, some brother's and myself have started a group whose sole function is to create self sufficiency through growing our own food, making our own clothes, and providing shelter. The three basics of survival. We want to teach our people how to do these things as well as create a vocational system where brothers and sisters can learn a skill and be self-sufficient. We want to create a national model for Afrikans in America. Is there a plan for you and the other high level conscious brothers and sisters to come together to create the think tank that you talked about in Hidden Colors and a plan for black self-sufficiency?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You seem confused I recommend three books for you one king James 1611 its the bible with all the words that say collared is black. An it has 80 books not 66. Two the sutogent with the 1-4 macobes and the book of the 12 apostle. Three is the truest form of the curane you can fine. Because afera or the America's have the worst most tampered break washing holy book's on earth. An if you don't do your research. An look all them up like I said exactly you will remain confused for ever. There's two main command ments in the bible. Love is truth, truth is the command ment and both is god. Its all about god nothing else matters but that. All three books are the most compacted truth of the worlds history. After that its picture book on blacks the power's that be turned white. King James was black why else do you think they married blond hair blue eyes for hundreds of years. To get rid of the black blood. Its all a test thru repentance and faith ������

Dr. Valentine said...

@Anonymous (Posted June 29th, 2014);
Not sure if you are directing that comment to me or to someone else in this blog, but if you are...any reference I may or may not have made to the "66" books (formally 65 before the beginning of the 18th century), were not meant to include those books declared "uninspired" that became part of the collective "Pseudopidographica", or books discarded by the Catholic Church AND their Protestant rivals, but those that finally ended up as the "inspired Word of God" now seen in the current King James edition of the bible, circa 1611. Other books not accepted include those that became known collectively as "The Nag Hammadi Library"...

Dr. Valentine said...

@9Ether; Indeed there ARE plans beloved. But a good strategist and tactician does not discuss such things in a public blog. Know that there ARE things in the works to help you and others like yourself to accomplish precisely what you and your fellow warriors feel so passionate about. When all things necessary for success are beyond all capabilities of failure, then it will be introduced to the public. Meantime, keep networking with the community. Align yourselves with those who not only talk about the problem, but show initiative in striving for a solution...