Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To Brother Allah Universal

A most gracious thanks for your kind and re-assuring words. I know such brothers as they do not represent the vast majority of your Nation's family.

As I made mention to the brother, this subject is a very sensitive one to us as Diasporic Africans here in Amexum. I also made mention in my latest lecture that I literally held on to this information for a period of 7 years, waiting for the most appropriate time to present it to a more mature, conscious and open-minded people.

But I overstood as well that there would be strong, adverse reactions to such a presentment, and I've been thoroughly prepared to answer all criticisms calmly and reasonably for some time. I also knew that such information HAD to be siphoned out in "portions"; that it would be a "bit much" for some brothers and sisters to process.

My father (PBUH) once told me that "...the truth cuts; but sometimes it takes a while before you bleed". In other words, these brothers know they've been cut by the truth. They're reacting to the wounds inflicted on their ignorance. But they don't KNOW they're ignorant; not until that ignorance begins to bleed out and they see it for themselves.

In the meantime, their "faith" in their dogma temporarily anesthesizes the wounds that truth inflicts, delaying the bleed-out and allowing their ignorance to linger. The good thing is...with time, the "anesthesia" wears off.

Thus, the wise simply wait.

Again little brother; thank you for reaching out. Stay strong and in the Light of Wisdom, Reason and Truth...


a said...

peace dr v when do you think you will be coming to TORONTO CANADA

Anonymous said...

Dr. Valentine,

What is your position on on "enlightened" men such as yourself knowingly infecting young girls with herpes? Does the "path of the hidden light" include a detour down the road of such depraved actions?



Anonymous said...

i accidentally activated my pineal gland by smoking a wet stick and met god and he told me his name is yahweh
and his son name was yahshua and not Jesus and dat i was him and many more are too and that the world was ran by Lucifer and now all i do is rap about it and try to tell the others, its nice to know that i am not alone, love & peace brother

Anonymous said...

Hotep Dr.V. This is basically a cry out from an overgrown baby(19years young).I say this because i didn't get the rite influence until just recently. I have not been taught a lot of self-knowledge and feel like there's still a good amount of things i might be doing wrong.I've given up a lot of foolish things and trying to learn more. I've recently gone vegan and have not been eating after late hours(not sure if that's rite. I've been taught under Rastafari but it seems that's not enough. Most of the books I try to read up on, are not meant for me to overstand myself but are just other peoples twisted point of views of reality. What are my steps i need to take in order to achieve peace within me so i can share it with others? Where can i start learning about my ancient ancestors and their practices? I don't want any sin or negative practices in my life anymore. Much love and appreciation. Creator bless us All

Dr. Valentine said...

To "Anonymous"; I overstand your dilemma and appreciate the honesty in your words. To answer such questions I can only direct you to our cyber-University where our faculty teaches live online. Just log on to: http://www.uksnow.org and click the "courses" button under the banner. In your case, I suggest you focus on our "Metaphysical Psychology" course which is currently in progress. We are allowing late registration until the 14th of this month. If you need further clarification please call 386.456.9279. Thanks for reaching out...Shm m Hotep

Anonymous said...

thank you! and i've been learning from your videos on youtube which brought a lot of answers to a lot of questions. Much appreciation. Also can you clarify for me if salts are bad or good? I have a source that tells me it's good for pH balance and it also tells me all foods virtually have sodium in them and is baking soda good?how can i tell if i had enough sodium in me?

Anonymous said...

this is the 19year young anonymous again. I sadly don't have an income at the moment but am working on getting a job but i will save up for the cause to wake myself up and get these lowers off my back. Any small tips to follow until then? Hotep. Many thanks. By the way thanks for the msg warnings!